New WWE Trademark; Kharma Says She Is Not Taking Bookings

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- Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker sent word WWE has trademarked the term "WWE Spotlight."

- Wrestling News World reader Samantha Reichle sent word that Kharma Tweeted she is not currently taking bookings. Below is the Tweet:

  • Y'know why she isn't taking bookings? Because she is still hired by WWE because they never officially released her.

    • Mike Hogan

      Is it possible that WWE has worked us so many times that they are now going to start working us by NOT working us?
      I don't think Kharma is gone from WWE but this is plausible right?

    • Wwe4L76


    • Dave Barton

      Or because of a no-compete clause. Or because she simply still needs time off after her miscarriage.

      • Ben

        Simple point ‘kharma’ was trademarked by the wwe the fact she’s still using the twitter account in that name says it all to me. The release is a work

  • Maximv1

    Maybe she requested her release due wanting time away. Too many people blame WWE but not much has come out yet so we should wait and see.

  • Robert olley

    Look at how they did the Daniel Bryan story a few years ago announced he was released then brought him a few months later I’ve a feeling this will be the same

  • drobertson

    1000th episode fellas. She makes her return. Lots of viewership that night

  • unknown

    i just think she just wants time to be alone and away from the biz considering he miscarriage. that really can weigh heavy on a woman so maybe when she is finally able to move on she can come back to WWE. I doubt they wouldn't welcome her back

  • BClegg

    she can take booking if released just not televised ones. I think its a work cuz still no official statement & their high on beth vs kharma