New WWE United States Champion

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Jack Swagger beat Zack Ryder to win the WWE United States Championship on tonight's WWE Raw Supershow from Anaheim, California.

  • H.M.

    Swagger as US Champ has a nice ring to it. As disappointed as I am that Ryder lost his championship, it was realistic and he did a great job selling the gutwrench powerbombs. As long as he doesn't disappear back into irrelevancy it's all good.

    • Alex P

      Yea I agree…as long as he doesn't get buried from this point I'm happy. I actually liked Ryder a little more when he was chasing after the belt, rather than holding it.

  • Tyler

    Stupid for them doin that to Ryder NO reason he couldn’t hold till after mania DUMB on WWE part

  • Tyler

    If he gets buried by WWE I’m done with wrestling

    • H.M.

      The whole 'If X happens I'm done with wrestling' thing has been done to death. Ryder is far from the most entertaining thing on television right now. Internet fans love putting him on a pedestal.

  • matt

    Ryder gets brought up, only to be knocked back down

    • 1 2 3 KID

      If you look at it the way I did, he didn't really lose. I mean they actually let him kick out of 2 gut wrench power bombs before Swagger pinned him. So if you take that into account maybe Ryder is just gunna be a top mid carder. Could be a nice feud for him.

  • gibbons08

    Very disheartening! Swagger is on my list of worst ever!

  • j8duong



  • SeanAwesome

    Fits Swagger’s character perfectly i see a long reign

  • JasonJavier85

    I couldn’t take Zack Ryder serious, Swaggers the prefect fit, hopefully Ziggler will win at Wrestlemania, after losing at the Royal Rumble. (Wade Barett) win the Rumble

  • @RatedMKD

    I have absolutely no problem with Jack Swagger as the United States Champion. I was hoping to see it happen at some point in 2012. I just don't like Ryder losing the title less than one month after winning it in the first place. Especially considering that was the most build for a US Title hunt that we've seen in several years, and the victory celebration at TLC actually made the championship seem important again.

    Right or wrong, I have faith that something good will come of this. Ryder kicked out of two gutwrench powerbombs despite being taped up. Odd as it sounds, it was virtually a squash match that protected the loser. That said, the booking of Swagger against Cena later on in the show is not a good start for the new champion…

  • Maximv1

    This could also be leading to wrestle mania match for them.

  • kurt

    I reserve judgment until I see more. I hope the title change leads to something for both of them. Swagger got way too hard of a push when he first came from the indies, and could not get over with the fans. What I dont like is that Swagger joins Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, and Daneil Bryan as guys they jobbed out for months, and then gets pushed by making them champions. Then they wonder why the fans have a hard time seeing them as legit champions. Duh, you jobbed them for months prior to the title win. Swagger's title match made no sense at all. He gets a U.S. title match after a controversial loss to Punk? Ummm, doesnt that usually get them a title match with the same guy, or at least a rematch?? Get with it, WWE, for over a year now, angles are done or started that arent bred out of common sense.

  • bill

    bit of a double standard how when d.Bryan cashed in MITB on Henry when he wasn’t medically cleared it was over turned but with Ryder it wasn’t

  • Michele

    Ryder to regain the title at wrestling biggest event WM28.