New WWE United States Champion

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Santino Marella beat Jack Swagger on tonight's Raw Supershow to win the WWE United States Championship.

For those that missed it, John Lauranaitis tried to dispute the outcome (obviously in storyline) but Teddy Long had him "ejected" from the building.

  • Stoney

    What happened to pushing jack Swagger again?

    • Dangerous Lee

      Santino is way more entertaining than swagger.

    • Joe

      They’ll probably rematch tomorrow night at the taping of Smackdown and he’ll win it back there… Unfortunately.

  • kevin

    Everyone got behind santino.

  • swamp donkey

    Santino happened

  • Philg

    Kinda funny how kofi is an enforcer but still awesome santino!!!

  • hurrigame

    They jobbed out Zack Ryder to Swagger for this? Only one word sums up my frustration: DAMN!!!

  • Jashaun

    It’s about time they give santino a champion

    • CMpunk FAN

      You mean after he won the tag team champ. with kozlov.

      • Mr. Love

        Also 2 time int champ

  • Wes

    U may night like santino but lets face it he draws more and hold crowd interest more, I could care less and I could see swagger getting cut lose, he draws zero and wwe wouldnt be hurt by not having him around

  • Adamtrace


  • Bubba J

    Jack Swagger has absolutely no charisma and is sub-par in the ring.

  • Luda

    Swagger sucks

  • Gary

    The crowd popped big time for Santino. Loved it. Well deserved after being just a comic relief guy for so long.

  • Frenchfry

    swagger is boring, santino isnt, nothing to complain about here!

  • Code

    Whats up with Ryder's rematch clause?

  • What a joke

  • Beazl

    I think with as much as Santino has to put up with his gimmick at times he deserves a little push from time to time. This is a good way of the company rewarding a wrestler for their hard work, regardless if it is in a more comedic angle most of the time. Well deserved.

    • Dan

      Agreed. Santini is actually a good wrestler. Its his character that’s a joke. But it is fun and shows that he loves the business and will do what he needs to succeed.

  • Swagger needs to be repackaged… Joining Vickie actually made him look worse especially as he looked like Dolph's understudy.

    I too fear that he will win back the title at Smackdown…. Obviously the brands mean nothing at the moment but the US Championship is a Raw Belt but Santino is a Smackdown guy afterall.

    • CMpunk FAN

      It’s called the raw SUPERSHOW.SD Stars can compete on raw,so Santino Deserved it.

    • brad

      santinos a raw guy and is just teddy longs assistant on smackdown

  • Tommy*Chaos

    So if Swagger wins the championship back on Smack Down then does it set up a match with Santino at wrestlemania? …it might be a dark match in the making!

    • wwe fan 250611

      I hope not a dark match but maybe dolph z vs jack s vs zack r vs santino for US title at wm28

  • Wwe4L76

    Santino?! Stupid kidshow

  • wwe fan 250611

    Congrats to santino but jack will win it back on sd because of john l


    Congrants Santino I knew he could do it!!I hope he hold the tittle for like 3-4 months,because he really does deserve to the tittle he's holding right now,maybe sometime he should win the a World Championship,so he can get more charisma.