New WWE United States Champion

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Antonio Cesaro beat Santino Marella in the SummerSlam Pre-Show match to win the WWE United States Championship.

As we reported here on Premium last Tuesday, this was done to put more emphasis on the YouTube show.

  • Violet09

    i wasted 5 minutes trying to find it on youtube only to get countless vids of video games… next time i'll go straight to

    • Richard Gray

      We stream it here

  • The Dude

    What YouTube show?

  • hurrigame

    You must mean the new European champion, Antonio Cesaro. Hope he brings back Attitude era Euro belt.

  • SRP

    If history is any indication, prepare to witness Antonio job like never before.

    • Alex

      Good point. With the exception of Ziggler, the last couple of US title holders jobbed a lot.

  • Alex

    I'm not too surprised by this since Santino had been in the doghouse for complaining to the WWE along with JTG.

  • Dave Barton

    I really don't like Cesaro's finisher. Just seems wasteful to use the cradle, much easier to lift like a standard piledriver & then hit the move.

  • JasonGaza

    Santino does not deserve anymore titles. I mean his finisher for god sakes c’mon wwe stop investing in Jokes. Now we might get a decent us title fued with like rey or ryback

    • Evon Reese

      I like the Cobra. It's the damn sock I hate

  • Craigscool88

    This summer slam seemed not very good haven’t watched it yet have ta download it coz can’t afford austar/foxtel hopefully Ziggler vs Jericho is good thou really expected to see Ziggler cash in

  • Ethan

    I was there, ppv was kinda a let down, but it had it’s moments

  • christopher525

    FINALLY, a legit champion.

  • Brandon Ceielo

    With Ohno and Del Rey coming into WWE, I was hoping they'd put them with Antonio like they had in ROH. Would have been awesome.

  • Autista

    Summer slam sucked. I had more fun watching my dog hump my girlfriends arm..

  • JamieSNZ


  • Well the tittle is back to smackdown

  • Yer Mama