New York Giants Defensive End To Appear On Upcoming Episode Of Impact Wrestling

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WNW writer Rick Craig & WNW readers John McCarthy and David Snay sent in the following: has announced that Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul of the Super Bowl champion New York Giants will be making an appearance on an upcoming Impact Wrestling taping for TNA Wrestling at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

Kurt Angle is expected to have a confrontation with Pierre-Paul in the ring, but the football star's contract will keep him from doing too much physically.

Pierre-Paul will join Pacman Jones, Frank Wycheck, and Bart Scott as football players who have set foot inside of a TNA ring.

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  • Kyle Policastro

    Will most definitely be watching that one, phenomenal player and key part to our defense last season.

  • havoc525

    Well, one more player who’s career might as well be done. Pacman, although already dealing with issues, has been useless since his stint. Wycheck retired, right around then. That brings us to ol’ Bart. What, exactly, did he accomplish this year?

  • AJG316

    So for me SHEAMUS won the royal rumble and the NY GIANTS won the super bowl this is shaping into a pretty AWESOME YEAR

  • Steve l

    What are you talking about Havoc? JPP hasnt even reached his prime yet,obviously not a sport fan just another who always has to say something negative about Impact…that act is boring!