The Next Rey Mysterio, Steve Austin's WWE Status, Eva Marie's Purpose, How The Royal Rumble Match Is Booked

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Can you see the new Sin Cara being as good as Rey Mysterio once was? Also I read that Sin Cara has been beating Ryback at recent WWE live events, how is that even possible?

The hope within WWE when they signed Místico to come in as Sin Cara was he would be Rey Mysterio's successor, carrying the company's Latino fan base and sell merchandise (such as masks) marketed towards children. I don't think it's an understatement to call it a complete bust. Místico struggled to transition to the WWE-style of working, was plagued by injuries and even had a Wellness policy violation. WWE refuses to give up on the Sin Cara gimmick because of the aforementioned components so they are restarting on it with Hunico. It's possible he could have the same success as Rey Mysterio but as we saw with Místico, it's not something that's going to happen overnight. You are correct about the WWE live matches as Sin Cara was booked over Ryback via pinfall at shows over the weekend.

What is Steve Austin's status with the WWE? Why has he been off of TV for so long?

Steve Austin doesn't have a contract with WWE. When the company has something for him, as they do with Wednesday's groundbreaking announcement, an agreement is reached and executed. I don't have the specifics as to why Austin hasn't been featured on WWE television in so long as he'd be perfect for a special appearance, especially this week's "Old School" Raw. However, as is the case with any name that doesn't wrestle, his use should be limited to prevent him from being overexposed.

Why is WWE high up on Eva Marie when she clearly needs more time in development and she is terrible on the mic? What's the point in having models in WWE if women can't show skin because of PG? WWE should hire women who can actually wrestle.

Eva Marie was hired for her role on the Total Divas reality series and the company is very high up on how she's been received. It's amazing how much heat she gets from the IWC for not being able to wrestle. WWE wants personalities, especially with the Divas. The feeling is these women can be taught how to wrestle but their look and appeal is something they must possess prior to being signed. The argument that since WWE's programming is PG they should no longer target attractive women is asinine. There's more to WWE than wrestling and while it's something that upsets purists, it's just the way it is.  Let me be clear - Eva Marie was hired specifically to help expand WWE's demographic, the audience on E.  She was never intended to appeal to the "pro wrestling crowd."

How pre-planned is the Royal Rumble match?

The 30-man Royal Rumble match is laid out beforehand just like any other match. Pat Patterson is the mastermind behind it and in recent years has booked it with Triple H. I've been told Hunter has been trying to learn as much as he can from Patterson as he's obviously not going to live forever and he's a brilliant pro wrestling mind that is an integral part of the bout's historical success. We're always asked what would happen if someone was accidentally eliminated and that's just something the company would have to deal with. There's always a risk of things not going according to plan and contingency plans would have to be executed after the fact.

From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2012: Who does WWE currently see as their top two guys right now? - John Cena and CM Punk are seen as the two top performers in WWE. Cena shouldn’t surprise anyone but CM Punk earned his spot, by forcing the company to push him and meet his contract demands. Randy Orton’s second documented Wellness Policy violation further solidified Punk’s status as the second “face of the company” and has been deemed largely unreliable.

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    • WWE will always have the pro wrestling purist just like the NBA will always have the basketball purist. It’s about expanding their demographic and monetizing it.

      • Jesse Sherwood

        Agreed. I myself lean more towards a purist mentality, but I understand the need to have a mass market appeal.

        By the way Richard, that picture is from an Anime known as The World God Only Knows.

        • TCB

          Know it’s off the line of discussion, but how good is this anime?

          • Clint

            never thought i would see an anime reference on a wrestling site

          • TCB

            Me neither. lol

          • It felt appropriate for the discussion LOL.

          • The Breaker

            I find it pretty entertaining, but it depends on what you’re into. In terms of genre I would call it a harem comedy. I won’t get too into the specifics but if you’re familiar with the part of the otaku subculture that plays video games/dating sims then there’s a lot to enjoy about it.

          • TCB

            Oh…harem? Er, not really a fan of those.

          • Jesse Sherwood

            It’s alright. It should have only been a one season anime that got stretched into 2 1/2.

        • I think we all do Jesse, which is why I also think it’s hard for the IWC to understand the point of Total Divas.

  • Tony Rankin

    I would understand WWE hiring Eva Marie solely for her personality if she had any. She has one facial expression every single time I see her face, either in the ring or on Total Divas but especially in the ring. No way was she hired for anything except her looks.

    • Yes, it very much starts and ends with her looks but it’s all a gimmick. Eva Marie is the Total Divas gimmick. Remember, reality television is scripted. The Eva Marie you see is a character – a facade.

  • Ricky

    I will never understand why WWE hired Jojo and Eva Marrie. Jojo is an Oompa Loompa and Eva Marrie has as much personality as driftwood. On that topic the whole Total Diva’s thing is stupid, wheren’t the Bella’s and Dactyle’s feuding earlier this year?
    I really hope the Sin Cara gimmick does well and doesn’t wind up another bust. I still think the Original Sin Cara needed time in FCW before making his main roster debut.

    • No Total Divas is about expanding the WWE demographic. It’s not about appealing to pro wrestling fans. They’re trying to expand their female demo and they’re doing it with the Kardashian audience. Eva Marie and JoJo were hired for the show.

  • FrankieFourFingers

    Ya cause you know, female wrestlers from the past, Trish Stratus, Lita, Gail Kim (still active) are so horrendous to look at. Cmon WWE. You can have your cake and eat it too. It is possible being attractive and a decent wrestler. Sans Chyna

  • GOR

    If the intended winner of the rumble gets eliminated accidentaly n sm1 else has to win it that would be fun.