Next Week's WWE Main Event, Ezekiel Jackson Says He'll Be Back Soon

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- Next week's WWE Main Event will be headlined by Antonio Cesaro defending the United States Championship against The Great Khali.

- Ezekiel Jackson was asked by a Twitter follower on Wednesday if he had any idea when he would be returning to the ring. Jackson responded by saying "Yep" and used the hashtag "soon." You can follow Jackson on Twitter at this link.


    I want to see him pull off the neutralizer in that match lol

    • Kleck

      I wanna see Khali not suck as well but I may be dreaming too high.

    • dusty588

      That would be a sight to see!

  • Joey

    Ezekiel Jackson's been gone?

  • chelu671

    Ezekiel Jackson has been out with an upper torso injury. Before he went out, it was said he had some backstage heat, which was why he lost most of his last matches. Since then, he went back home to Guyana to re-invigorate himself. He’s been back in the US for awhile.

    I personally hope he isn’t released & can become a major player for WWE. I can see him returning in the Royal Rumble. It also comes down to how the WWE will feel having a couple powerhouses such as Zeke, Ryback, Big E Langston, Mason Ryan & Mark Henry on the main roster.

    • Joey

      Oh I see, do you know why he had backstage heat?

      • chelu671

        I think there were some unconfirmed rumors that he got suspended for violating the Wellness Policy.