Next Week's WWE Raw Advertised As "Pat Patterson Appreciation Night"

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Next week's WWE Raw is being advertised as "Pat Patterson Appreciation Night."  The show will take place from the Bell Centre in Patterson's home city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Click here for local event information.

  • PainOfDemise

    Hopefully this is like a dark segment like it was with HBK.

    • ericdraven86

      Hopefully they air every bit of it. Patterson is a legend, and is more than worthy of being honored with the cameras rolling live.

    • Dave Barton

      I actually agree with PainOfDemise. Although I've been a fan long enough to have seen Patterson perform regularly & I would enjoy it, I doubt enough of today's fans will know him as anything but one of Vince's old "Stooges" from the Attitude era. If they didn't air HBK's segment (who fans would've loved to see on tv) I can't imagine they'll air Pat's.

  • mattz525

    Maybe Ryback will come out and squash him. The crowd will go banana.

    • Dave Barton

      I got that…lmao.

      • Matt

        Thanks. Thought I may have overshot with that one.

  • Ken

    I wonder if they'll show when Pat (and Gerry Brisco) used a chloroform/ether-soaked rag to drug Chyna to near-senselessness during a match and then sexually assaulted her by groping and jiggling her breasts in the middle of the ring while the crowd watched?

    Career classic, Pat, that one was.

    • Paul

      Maybe they’ll put when he slapped sable on the ass at king of the ring 1998 or when he dressed as a woman to defend the hardcore title at kof 2000, Patterson isn’t a legend he’s a prat, first intercontinental champion is his only achievement.

      • ericdraven86

        He was also the booker during the WWE’s golden era in the 80’s, as well as being involved in creative from the late 70’s until here in the last few years. He was also one of the owners of the WWWF, along with Vince Jr. and Gorilla Monsoon.

      • ericdraven86

        This comment just really shows your lack of knowledge on this industry/business/whatever you want to label it. Not only was Patterson the first IC champ, he was also the booker for WWE from the 80's – late 90's (he did retire a few times in there, but came back everytime). He has been heavily involved on the creative side for multiple decades in WWE, and was even a majority shareholder of the old WWWF (along with Gorilla Monsoon and VKM) before Vince Jr. bought them both out. That's not even mentioning his accomplishments in the NWA or AWA. Please read up on someone next time before disputing whether they are a legend or not…

        • Paul

          Being a booker has nothing to do with his in-ring abilities or accomplishments, so please stay on subject when disputing someone else’s opinion.

          • Paul

            I was fully aware Patterson was a booker, he had a few good ideas In that time I’m fairly sure he came up with the royal rumble idea. At no point was Patterson a majority share holder in wwf so get your facts straight

  • ranewber

    $10 says Punk makes him go to sleep!

  • Is Pat Patterson gay? Just curious….ive heard some interesting stories about the guy.

    • Alex

      Yeah he is gay. He's actually been involved with sexually harassing & assaulting many young male wrestlers back in the day. It caused a huge controversy for the WWE back then.

  • Logan_Walker

    They should call it “Open Appreciation night”. Get it? Lmao.