Next WWE Champion Is…, More Roster Cuts Expected, Why TNA Hall Of Fame Isn't Credible, The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar

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Is it quite obvious that John Cena wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match at Money in the Bank?

John Cena is the clear favorite to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match at Money in the Bank for a number of reasons. For one, WWE is known to lean on Cena when they need him the most. With the injury to Daniel Bryan, Batista off and Brock Lesnar's dates protected, I expect them to lean on the true face of the company. Further, we know there have been creative meetings about Cena vs. Lesnar for the title at SummerSlam as we detailed on Wednesday. However, the outcome is obvious and WWE has been known to swerve away from the obvious as they proved with Seth Rollins being the one that turned on The Shield.

Are there any updates on any further WWE roster cuts?

As I reported last week, the releases are continuing as WWE aims to show investors they are committed to cutting costs. While it's more an illusion than anything else, I expect the cuts to continue to help restore investor confidence following their underwhelming TV licensing agreement with NBCUniversal. I can't name names at this point but expect releases to continue. Josh Mathews is the latest cut as he was deemed expendable with the emergence of Renee Young.

After watching Kurt Angle introduce Team 3D, I couldn't help but wonder what the TNA originals think about the first three inductees to their Hall of Fame. Yes, Sting gave them credibility, Angle gave them a franchise player and Team 3D raised the tag team division, but what about Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Daniels or even Team Canada's Scott D'Amore!? You would think they would show some sort of gratitude to the originals.

What about Jeff Jarrett? It's too early the way it is for a TNA Hall of Fame but it will continue to have no credibility until Jeff Jarrett is inducted. If it weren't for him, there would be no TNA Wrestling. AJ Styles told me directly that he wouldn't accept an induction until Jarrett is inducted. The TNA Hall of Fame is like many things the company does, completely backwards. I mean no disrespect to any of the five names and agree with your observations. However, to assert any of those guys are more important to the company's foundation than Jarrett is absurd. I believe my sentiment is shared throughout the locker room as a lot -- if not all -- of the TNA originals know they wouldn't be there had it not been for Jeff sticking his neck out there for them.

In an earlier installment of Ask WNW, you stated the plan was to do The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31 next year. Is that still the plan?

The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar is a bout WWE wants to do but obviously relies on the ability to get Rock to commit and a path being made for WWE's new "money card" in Lesnar. I know The Rock wants a match against Lesnar if he comes back but we'll get a better idea closer to the end of the year. For now, WWE will lay the framework to prominently feature Brock at SummerSlam.

From the Ask WNW vault…

September 2012: Did you know that some bookmakers actually take bets on WWE PPV matches? Did you know this and have go ever considered making money on the outcomes of matches? - I’m aware that people do place bets on pro wrestling matches, however, whenever I get an email from a reader looking to do it I always urge them to reconsider. Some of my friends in the business do place bets, however, I won’t do it because of the rate things change. If you’re looking to “get in on the action” in terms of sports betting, stick to the sports where the outcomes are not predetermined.

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  • Rachel Miller

    I heard rumors that The Miz may be one of those wrestlers getting released from the WWE soon. He hasn’t been seen on TV much as of late and with other heels such as The Wyatt Family, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, and Bad News Barrett getting pushed as of late, do you see The Miz leaving WWE very soon? Thanks!

    • Unknown

      I doubt they will release someone that they’ve invested in to make a recent movie (marine 4)

      • Brandon van Reenen

        That, and the fact that he does so well with WWE public relations. The Miz won’t be released.

        • Gary Robert

          Exactly. He seems to have transitioned into a role of public relations more so over wrestler now. Plus he crawls under the sheets with Maryse every night, which pisses me off by the way, so what does he care?

    • The Miz isn’t getting released and Unknown gave the best answer. They’ve invested a lot in him.

  • Ahmed Johnsons River Plunge

    What Unknown said

  • Ricky

    Who else can they release? I guess Zack Ryder, Jason Albert (Tensai), Xavier Woods or Alex Riley

  • fallen angel

    Wouldn’t Jeff Jarret being inducted be like Vince being inducted into the wwe hall of fame ?

    • Ricky

      I always laugh when I see Jarrett isn’t getting inducted into the TNA HOF. Sure he made the company or rather his Daddy did. He also forced himself down our throats as champ and forced himself into main event angles. Sorry but to me Jeff will always be little more than a selfish little child.

    • Dave Barton

      I was just getting ready to post the same thing.

  • Padres4life

    i really hope there’s a Bryan/Cena 2…..if Bryan comes back and isn’t in the title picture, that’ll be a cloud hanging over him and it won’t feel right for him not to get it back especially after not losing it.