Nick Carter Tells WWE To Sign Lauren Kitt, WWE '13 DLC, AJ Lee & Other Divas With Their Wrestler Boyfriends

- Remember Nick Carter? He's currently using his Twitter account to push for WWE to sign his girlfriend Lauren Kitt. You can view his account at this link and Kitt's account at this link.

- While Ryback was clearly the most promoted, other stars released in the WWE '13 DLC Pack 2 on Tuesday include AJ Lee, Drew McIntyre, Natalya, Tensai and Yoshi Tatsu. They are all available for purchase while Ministry Undertaker was released as a free download.

- I'm proud to announce we launched a sister site located at The website includes relevant news feeds, news archives for WWE Wrestlers and tons of new insightful blogs.

- Speaking of new blogs, do you ever wonder about WWE stars and Divas getting romantic with one another? Check out the first installment of When Stars & Divas Mark Out. The first edition features AJ Lee's wrestler boyfriend and many other WWE wrestlers and Divas photographed together.  Check it out now at this link.

  • Loren_G

    Damn it, I can view on my work computer, but is blocked and classified as "Adult/Sexually Explicit"

  • William Shatner

    Remember Nick Carter? Actually, no. The name doesn't ring a bell. Who did he wrestle as?

    • mathew

      he was the youngster of the boy man group Back street boys. so im guessing the only 2 reasons this matters. 1. He knows a lot of people in the music industry and has conencitons which would be of interest to wwe, 2. BECUASE of this, hes using he fans etc to get the attention of wwe.

      • William Shatner

        No, the Backseat Boyz were Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid, former ROH and CZW Tag Champions. I don't know this Back Street Boys you speak of. The only boy man group I'm aware of is NAMBLA (Google it).

        • mathew30

          WTF you going on about. why are you telling me no, when in fact your informaiton is 100% incorrect based soley on the fact we are speaking of this person and not a wrestling group.

  • naw

    Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt are known crack heads. Does the WWE really want to be associated with people like this? I'll switch off my TV then…