Nick Dinsmore Reacts To Allegations That The Eugene Character Was Offensive; JBL Reviews WWE Money In The Bank

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-The official WWE website has posted a video in which Nick Dinsmore, who portrayed Eugene on WWE TV, discusses the character. The video was posted in response to an editorial that singled out the Eugene character as "making fun of the mentally challenged." Click here to watch the video.

-John Layfield has posted his latest "Wrestling God Recap," in which he reviews last Sunday's WWE Money in the Bank. The video is embedded below:

  • Philip Thompson

    Alberto loses the championship? Sheamus wins the championship? Uhhhh, no.

  • this guy

    wow they release a produced video that fast? they are really trying to shoot down anything and everything. I thought it was going to be a youtube video from Dinsmore.

  • Matt

    Nick Dinsmore is a stand up guy and certainly always gave a great message. This video shows that for those who didn't believe. Brought a tear to my eye the dedication and love superstars have for the fans and vice versa.

    • MVP

      I liked Eugene, but I would've liked to have seen Nick Dinsmore come back sometime later as a different character after "Eugene" had run its course. He could've had a much longer career in the WWE

  • Bogusstang

    JBL is very insightful. Hope he comes back as commentator. Watch him on fox news every sat am on cashin in. I think still married to beautiful multi- millionaire investment women.


    i’ve always been a fan of JBL’s work, the recap is no different. this guy has a great eye for the business, i wish he would come back in some capacity.