Nick Hogan Gives His Thoughts On Jerry Lawler & His Decision To Continue Wrestling At 62 Years Old

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TMZ spoke with Nick Hogan, son of Hulk Hogan, who gave his thoughts on Jerry Lawler and his recent heart attack. In addition, Nick gives his thoughts on the approximate "retirement age" of talent in the wake of crises such as this. The video is embedded below:

Since this video was released, Nick has been under fire on his Twitter account due to the article's headline, which reads "Nick Hogan - Jerry Lawler Should Quit Wrestling After Heart Attack." Nick responded to the criticisms with the following tweets:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • Ken

    Nick is about as relevant to the wrestling business as Brooke is. In other words he's not.
    I'm not even sure how relevant he is to life on the whole.
    After the crap he's pulled in life he should just keep his mouth shut and be thankful he's not still locked up in solitary.

    • fol86

      He's even more irrelevant than Brooke. She's at least in a wrestling promotion (as unfortunate as it is).

  • Mantaur

    Nick who? Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of and take your sister with you.

  • wagdaddy

    Of all of the people you can post reactions from, you choose this idiot?…..Why not have a segment featuring Kim Kardashian and Joan Rivers… would be just as meaningful and well received. Just because its there doesn't mean you have to bring attention to it.

    • SRP

      None of the people you mentioned have family in the business. Nick does and this site is justified in posting this.

    • Jas

      Because it's the only thing the idiots at TMZ know. They hear wrestling and immediately think of the trainwreck Hogan family. The interviewer clearly doesn't have a clue about the business… he started the interview by calling it the "WWF".

      So yeah, simple math says: WWF + Nick Hogan = Don't Take Seriously

  • Jas

    I'm sorry, but we care about Nick Hogan's opinion… why? TMZ is stretching here. Yeah, his dad is Hulk Hogan and all… but my dad is a police chief… that doesn't mean I know everything there is to know about being a police chief. Nor would I give my opinion on such serious matters.

    Way to attach yourself to a story just to keep your name out there, Nick. Very classy.

  • Hardy

    A simple get well comment would of been jut fine by nick hogan instead of this rubbish. Like others have said already, how does having a family member in the industry give you the right to express that. Its not like he is touring all year around, wrestling etc.

    • SRP

      They asked him a question and he answered it.

  • I dont like the kid either, but after watching the video, I dont see anything wrong with what he said. The answers he gave sounded like what a typical fan would say. He just happens to know a few people in the biz. So i dont see what the big deal is. Tmz went to him, its not like he made a video to get attention.

  • SRP

    People like to chime in without knowing all of the facts. It’s a sad reality.