Nigel McGuinness Reveals The Reason Behind His Retirement

Nigel McGuinness, known as Desmond Wolfe in TNA, had the following to say about his retirement in the video embedded below:

  • RoadawarriorNuste

    Punk vs wolf would be awesome And wolf vs y2j

  • tna

    so he can actually wrestle ,i dont understand it surly the money he was making in tna was adequate enough ?!

    • ZackPck

      You'd think all the years on the indies would have helped too. I honestly think there's something he isn't telling us.

  • Alex P

    Umm…why doesn't he just go to WWE?! Didn't Vince offer him a contract at one point? I mean he's such a great talent…hate to see it go away.

    • raider488

      I heard at this site he was offered a WWE contract. However, he wasn't medically cleared to wrestle there.

  • Absent

    But wasn't he offered a WWE contract at the same time as Brian Danielson but failed the medical?