Nigel McGuinness Starts Kickstarter Project To Fund Documentary Of His Retirement Tour

Nigel McGuinness (who competed under the name Desmond Wolfe during his time with TNA) is currently trying to raise $32,000 by April 9 in order to produce a documentary of his retirement tour, titled The Last of McGuinness. He is doing the fundraising through Kickstarter, a website in which those interested can pledge money and receive prizes. McGuinness has over 60 hours of footage from the tour that he will edit into a documentary if the funds are raised.

The prizes range from a thank you email and an 8x10 picture to a prize pack featuring a personal dinner and viewing of the film with McGuinness. As of this writing, approximately $10,000 has been raised by approximately 200 donors.

Click here for more information.

McGuinness has also posted a preview of the project, embedded below:

  • Ricky Valdez

    Dont no exactly what condition Desmond wolf has, but when I saw him in tna I was amazed how awesome he was in the ring and surprised that wwe did not sign him.

    • Alex

      He failed a medical with WWE at the same time they signed Daniel Bryan

  • Bailey

    Nigel/Desmond!…an awesome in ring technician..and a English diamond geezer!
    All the best for the future mate,never forgotten