Nikki Bella Brings John Cena As A Date To High School Reunion

Daniel Bryan and John Cena family? It could happen as Cena attended Nikki Bella's ten-year high school reunion with her last weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bryan, who dates Brie, was with her. Below is a photo of Cena and Nikki Bella:




  • Chopper

    Jammy bugger

  • mjledesma

    He looks scared in the pic.

  • Rus

    The bottom pic looks akward, almost like Cena is going in for a move but Nikki is pulling away

    • Jingles

      She knows he only has about 4 more of them.

  • channesson

    We should all tweet these pics to Vicki.. That way on raw they can show Cena having another affair!!

  • Andrew Ace

    Cena and Bryan are too lucky dudes. And so is that super ugly dude that’s engaged to eve torres

    • I Chapter not believe that they r actually dqting I did not

  • LeBron James

    Cena is the man.

  • Shy Guest

    What do you mean by family? Thanks.

    • Richard Gray

      Daniel Bryan & Brie, Cena & Nikki… Get it?

      • Shy Guest

        I wasn't aware of the dating relationships and misread the article; thanks:)

  • dusty588

    Cheating on AJ?! Uh-Oh!

  • Prince TMJB

    I thought Dolph Ziggler was with one of the Bellas

    • Nah man, he's with every woman. He just came to my apartment and took my girlfriend. I accept it because he's Dolph effing Ziggler.

      • Ranfery25

        Lmao! Hilarious !

  • Matthew


  • justsomefan

    I'm pretty sure that AJ will be ok with it, last I heard Jay Lethal was taking care of her.

  • smithmiester

    Used to hate cena for his gimmick now I just have nothing but respect for the guy. All the things he does for charity and troops. Oh and plus he’s banging a bella twin!

  • Robert

    Nobody else realise he could get done for adultery since his divorce isn’t final yet.

    • flamothe

      his divorce was settled in July actually

  • channesson

    I hope him and DB don’t get them confused… I wonder if the Bella twins are screaming yes!! Lol