Nikki Bella Injury Update, Big Show's "Firing," WWE 2K14 Sneak Peek, More On Bray Wyatt

- Nikki Bella is still not completely healthy, which is why she isn't tagging with Brie Bella on WWE live events. Instead, Brie worked the weekend loop with Eva Marie as her tag team partner.

- Big Show is a scheduled guest for the October 24, 2013 WWE NXT taping in Winter Park, Florida. The storyline is that he had "contractual obligations" to appear despite being "fired." For those that missed it, Show worked Saturday in Abu Dhabi because he had a "one night contract" to oppose Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins.

- WWE posted part one of a WWE 2K14 sneak peek at this link.

- The latest word on Bray Wyatt is that he suffered a calf injury at Saturday's WWE live event in Providence, not an ankle injury as originally believed. He's expected to be re-evaluated at Raw on Monday.

  • BIG M

    Hope Bray isn’t hurt to badly.
    His gimmick is the most original in WWE today and he has a big future ahead of him.
    The Wyatt family eh not so much.

    • Rus

      I think they will make it in WWE, don’t forget that it was about a year ago when HHH was saying he is working on the tag team devision, well I for one can see what he was upto a year ago and their tag team division is a lot better, now all they need is some legit babyface tag team devision to go with Cody and Golddust and it wont be long until we like the tag team devision more than the main eventers. Also they did the best thing they could have done with Cody Rhodes after firing him, the fans were behind him in a big way and instead of throwing him in a singles fued they threw him into the tag team with his bro. In my opinion the gears are shifting in the WWE and the creative team are actually getting afew things right for a change

  • Mike L

    Imo Bray Wyatt can be just as effective with out competing in the ring. An injury should not slow down his character much