Nikki Bella Injury Update, Total Divas Hiatus

Nikki Bella continues to keep fans up-to-date regarding her shin injury on Twitter. She noted earlier this week she is getting stronger every day and continues to do physical therapy in preparation for her return to the ring.

The second half of season 1 of Total Divas premieres on Sunday, November 17, 2013. Original plans were for the show to keep its 10 PM/ET timeslot, however, there are unconfirmed reports it could be moving to 9 PM. We'll update when we get confirmation. The mid-season finale airs this Sunday at 10 PM up against WWE Night of Champions.

  • Mike Elliott

    Why are they splitting it into two parts?

  • BlazeKing

    Even the injuries that seem little could actually be bigger than you might think it is. Many wrestlers try to tough it out instead of going to the doctor out of fear of losing their spot (read: money). Trying to tough it out can sometimes make the injury worse; making the recovery time longer than if it was treated right away. Cena is the same way too. He literally had to be forced to take a break. He already damaged his neck and he still tries to superman his way through!

    Since the show is taped months earlier, Nikki’s injury happened first and Cena *just* got sidelined. I guess Cena really *was* being stubborn about wrestling with that baseball in his arm. Seems like it took Nikki to remind him of his words to her about her leg. The show may be scripted, but there’s some real elements there.