Nikki Roxx Reveals Why She Turned Down TNA's Return Offer

Former TNA Knockout Nikki Roxx talked about rejecting the company's offer to work their "Knockouts Knockdown" pay-per-view taping in an interview with The Greg DeMaro Show. Below is an excerpt of her comments:

On declining an invitation to appear on the all-Knockout PPV special:
“You can only get kicked so many times. … I think that I had finally had enough. They had trouble treating me very well to begin with and I felt like I was being a glutton for punishment every time I went back. … I felt like it was the right time to tell them no. It was like one of those bad relationships where you keep trying to get away from it. … You can’t treat people badly and then hope that they’ll come back and hang out. … A lot of the girls I’ve spoken to turned them down.”

On the pay for a TNA Knockout:
“I absolutely loved being a part of it. … I loved being a part of history [with the division]. That being said, I feel like they are not sure how to treat their employees. … There were multiple times where someone was working a day job while being on TV. You’re supposed to be an international TV star but you’re having to get a job tending bar or working at a Sunglass Hut. … From my experience I would see that was straight across the board [not just limited to Knockouts]. … They weren’t very biased about it.”

Richard Reacts: I think it's admirable that Roxxi didn't kayfabe when asked about turning TNA down. We heard of a lot of "schedule conflicts" but no one really stepped up and told it like it was. I always appreciate honestly in this business.

  • soulfool

    Great that She had the guts to tell the truth about TNA , and not sugar-coat thing’s “to save face in the company” like alot of ex-performers do , or are just to scared cause the company bullie’s them like so !!! TNA had problems before The Hogan/Bischoff error , but those two being part of the company only exacerbated the situation further !!!

    • Trist

      You can spell exacerbated but don’t know when to use apostrophes or spell era or how to use punctuation? What is this madness?

      • “The Hogan/Bischoff error” – Actually he may have got that part right if you think about it. LOL

  • soulfool

    Hogan/Bischoff/Sting…Retire !!!

  • Patrick

    It’s more like it’s no one’s bussiness but them why they turned TNA down. no one else needs to know the reason it’s between TNA and the wrestlers.

    • Dj marv

      then whats the point of bein part of this site if most of this info is their business??

  • The keep rehiring her only to fire her again.

  • Wreckless discharge

    Who? I have watched tna for 8 years and have no idea who this person is.

    • J.J.

      she was Roxxi. she is the one who had her head shaved near the beginning of the knockouts division build up.