No Future Plans For The TNA TV Championship; What's Next For Devon?

There are currently no future plans for the TNA TV Championship currently held by Devon.

Devon, who announced last week he was finished with TNA Wrestling, left after failing to come to terms on a new deal. He posted the following on Twitter:


  • StephenSnel23

    That’s a good sign. Devon looks like he’s ready to come home. Also bringing his sons with him.

    • PFElton

      Come home? ECW is his home, not World's Worst Entertainment. They did this thing in ECW called "Professional Wrestling".

      • Mike Gilreath

        I completely agree….WWE is a boring predictable product right now, tonight they will recap more than wrestle!

  • Dufus

    TNA just lost a very good wrestler.

  • Herman Tank

    He won't be utilized by the WWE very well if he does return. Look at the way they bounce Christian up and down and remember when R-Truth had that decent push? No neither does anyone else now. Anyway, just one question, what in the world is a TV title supposed to represent? Every organization beneath the WWE seems to have a title like this and most of them don't get any type of tv time. I believe WCW and even ECW had one at one time…

    • CrankyVince

      ECW had a TV title but it was treated as important as the world title was.

  • Mark3man

    Richard can I ask, why can Devon use the the name Devon Dudley on Twitter but not allowed in TNA.

    • Will

      The Dudley name is a trademark of WWE. When the Dudleys left the WWE, they never took the opportunity to trademark the name although they did use it in the old ECW before a trademark would've even been thought of. They tried to trademark after leaving but lost that battle although in a verbal agreement while in ECW, he "gave" the Dudley name to Bubba and D-Von. If they would've trademarked the name, they would've used it.

      In a similar situation, Matt Bentley went by Michael Shane most of his career (as we all know is the cousin of Shawn Michaels and the Michael Shane name was a "play" on Shawn's real name) but never trademarked the name. When The Gymini (aka the Shane Twins) debuted in the WWE in 2006, WWE trademarked the real name of one of the Gymini Mike Shane although he used a different name as part the Gymini gimmick. To avoid a lawsuit (which would've happened to Devon if he used the Dudley name in TNA), he had to use his real name when wrestling and still does to this day.

      I may not be Richard but I hope that answers that question. With Twitter, I couldn't answer that but in a way it's a "play" on the Dudley name. Instead of D-Von, which is how it's styled when he was part of the Dudleys, he styled it as Devon which as everyone knows is his real first name and how it's spelled.

      • kbunyon

        Will – wonderfully explained. Thanks so much for doing so, much appreciated.


      • Mark3man

        Cheers will. thanks for taking the time to write all that. I get why they couldn’t use the name in TNA and you have put a very good explanation why, I just find it strange he can use a copy righted name on Twitter and I’m guessing it was his Twitter account while he wad still active with TNA.

  • Ricky

    I don't think the The Dudlies left on good terms with the WWE. Plus TNA has that settlement in place that makes TNA workers wait a certain ammount of time before going to WWE.

    • Jason

      I may get corrected on this, but if the contract expires, you don't have to wait a certain length of time, if I am correct. Only if the contract is terminated early do you typically have to wait 90 days. That is the way I have seen and heard it in the past.

    • kbunyon

      Actually, it's Ray and Triple H who have issues, Devon is not part of that. As far as I know there's no ill will toward Devon in the WWE. I could be wrong, but I thought it was just Ray who left on bad terms.


  • jeff

    just as wwe has a settlement wrestlers released have to wait a certain period before going anywhere else, itll be awhile before we see dudley boys back in action as far as not being on good terms with wwe well look and road dogg and billy gunn….they still came back because it was good for business and bringing the team 3d back is good for business, did anybody hear the table chants at raw a few weeks ago…..and am i the only one finds it intriguing the devon has a "Raw Is War" shirt on haha but there is no tag team division in wwe now-a-days so if.when the dudleys come back it will be interesting to say the bare minimum

    • Jason

      However, Devon and Bubba were NOT released, their contracts expired. There is a big difference between the two. So because of that, neither "have" to wait 90 days and could show up at Smackdown tonight if they wanted. But with the ongoing litigation between WWE and TNA, it likely won't happen anytime soon.

  • Kevin

    TNA was doing the right thing by having the Television Title defended on every show. I thought that was a brilliant idea. But then they dropped the ball and let Devon get away, and now they're burying the Television Title again. Someone PLEASE get Dixie Carter to understand that Bischoff and Hogan are ruining her company and that she needs to get them the hell out of there.

  • Mike Gilreath

    Bully is not going anywhere, he loves his spot at the writing table. They have given him more freedom and input than wwe ever would and this will be far fetched….but wait and see if Devon leaving is not a gimmick, yes his contract was up, yes he took a paycut but he will go to a’s and 8’s. Not defending the title the last few weeks was strategic…