No Titles In WWE PPV Main Events, Vince McMahon's Immature Bullying Of Jim Ross, Prestige Of World Titles, Ryback Getting Stale

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We are now six pay-per-views into the year, and none of them have had a championship match to close out the show. Aside from the Royal Rumble, all main events for the night have included John Cena facing his feud of the month. I understand that Cena is the #1 man in the WWE, but why do they keep pushing him as the closer despite not being in any title scenarios since last October?

Sean Hopkins and I texted briefly about this very issue after No Way Out and our opinion is something is wrong when you're halfway through the year and none of the WWE pay-per-view main events have featured one of their titles. The only excuse I can give you is booking that misses the mark and the fact that Vince McMahon sees Cena and his drawability bigger than either world title. The company is lacking in star power right now and the idea to fix things is to make John Cena the focal point of programming.

Why does Vince McMahon hate Jim Ross so much and ridicule him?

I am assuming you are talking about Vince McMahon's impersonation of Jim Ross in the segment with Hornswoggle on Raw Supershow. Vince does not hate Jim Ross, Vince likes to bully him. It's like Vince gets some type of sick pleasure by picking on JR. One thing to keep in mind is WWE is ran under the high school jock mentality with some people getting bullied for the sake of a cheap laugh. It's very disrespectful, especially to a legend such as Jim Ross who is the best play-by-play man in the history of the wrestling business.

Do you think having a world title defended on free TV brings down the prestige?

WWE and TNA are better suited to feature world title matches on pay-per-view rather than free TV, however, the prestige isn't hurt as long as they are defended. What I detest are non-title matches with champions going under as that hurts the prestige of the belts. I'm also a fan of longer world title reigns as I feel it helps build the legitimacy of the championship.

I hate to be "that guy", and don't get me wrong, I'm loving the Ryback character, but I am not officially bored with the double-local talent squash matches. When are we going to move on?

I guess when they "feed him three." WWE wants to build Ryback up as a dominant force and haven't even established him as a heel or babyface yet, however, not only are the double squashes getting repetitive but the squashes in general are becoming overdone. Vince McMahon loves Ryback's look and wants to recreate Goldberg but the more indy workers he squashes, the less I seem to care.

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  • Patrick_Peralta

    if Vince had JR's illness you can bet he would not like someone making fun of him. JR over the year has more patients then me, I would have quit WWE long ago Vince's immature bullying of JR is uncalled for and unprofessional I don't care how much money JR was or is making for WWE . In my view that is not a good enough reason to put up with Vnce's BS. no job is worth putting up with all that.

    • Alex

      It's a shame that Vince bullys JR so much but treats Cole like he's the golden child (unless in a skit with Cena).

    • urnemystic

      I think it is pathetic and hypocritical of vince to push his "be a star" campaign while he doesnt believe a word of it himself. He should take his own advice and not make fun of peoples health issues. The same goes for triple h completely disrespecting lilian garcia, i know it hardly makes a difference but i will never buy another piece of HHH merchandise.

    • opie

      Say what you like, but every last one of you would put up with it. It’s not just about the money. It’s about the fact that there has only ever been one place where JR could live the dream and be the best of all time, and that’s WWE. Vince might make fun of him, but did you ever think that he only does it to agitate you? If JR puts up with it, that’s his business. And Bell’s palsy is not at all a serious condition. I know. I’ve dealt with it.

  • Big Baller

    Ryback is clearly a baby face. Every jobber that he faces cuts a heel promo before his matches.

  • Kris Hardy

    I'm gonna say it even if it's unpopular. Does anyone really think that a WWE Championship match at the end of the PPV will be different from it being the first match of the PPV? Sure there might be more or less pop from the crowd, but it's the same moves with the same outcome no matter where you put it. If you find the match worse if it's not in a certain part of the card you need to get your priorities checked out in my opinion.

    • Jeremy

      I can see what you and I somewhat agree with you. But the thing is that it while the match will be worked the same no matter where it is placed on the card, it is the fact that Vince feels John Cena is more important than the WWE Championship and Heavyweight Championship since he is going last. I personally feel championships should be better handled and booked and they should be considered very important, along with the fact that the last match of the PPV should be the most important match. I honesly think WWE title should have gone on last.

  • Jim P

    Well, I suppose I will be "that guy." I'm completely bored with Ryback. In-general, I believe the "human wrecking-ball" gimmick is played to death. There's no character behind it.

  • luke

    ryback vs mason ryan. and on that note where is mason ryan?

    • steve2

      That would be awesome! I really like mason until he disappeared. Hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen to ryback.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Cena is greater than both world titles LOL. They should use him as a world title. “the following contest is scheduled for 1 fall, and is for, John Ceeena!”

    • tluss3

      LMAO. Thats a good one.

    • James M>>>

      Yeah that ish is funny dude. Spinner cena

  • Steve l

    Another reader saod Ryback and Sandow should feud. I think thats a great idea. Sandow could even use the jobbers in the feud.

  • Lenny

    The way i see it with JR is this, if he can take it they why is everyone getting so bent outta shape about it? Remember, no one is forcing JR to be a part of the wwe and to work for Vince. He’s there because he wants to be. I don’t feel sorry for JR at all, I mean I do feel bad he’s got the illness but I bet if he was truly upset, he would have done something to piss off Vince like going to TNA. Bottom line is, JR is making good money there and he doesn’t have to be on the road all the time so who gives a crap? Move on! #HEEL

    • Alex P

      I wouldn't say it in those words…but in a way I agree. I mean don't get me wrong I LOVED JR growing up and seeing him announce today always reminds me what we are missing out on. It's one of those things that you really appreciate when you hear it for the first time in a while. Do I think it's disrespectful and immature what Vince does to him? Absolutely! There's absolutely no need for what Vince does. At the same time though, JR does keep coming back. He doesn't have to keep putting up with Vince's sick immaturity and at the same time he constantly comes back for more. So do I think it's wrong what Vince does? Yes. Do I feel sorry for JR? Kind of, but he does keep returning.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Five words on JR's behalf; "Be A Star" My A**

  • WyFo

    What disease does JR have?

    • opie

      Bell’s palsy. Nothing major.

  • Jbreed

    The reason the WWE is lacking star power is because they keep making John Cena the focal point and never put more time and effort into building new stars. They think they're helping the product but actually they're hurting it.

    • Mr.Love

      Agreed 100%, the titles are props and cena doesn’t really put over any talent. CM Punk is the only talent I could think of and he kinda made them out him over

  • carlos

    Vince basically bullies JR because when it comes to wrestling, JR knows more and Vince detests that.

  • ol skewl fan

    The same thing happened when Hulk Hogan lost the title and it went vacant and Savage won it at WM4 , Hogan continued to Main Event even though Savage was champ.

  • LeBron James

    I love it when Booker T or Michael Cole try to put over the jobbers as major talent in the Indy Scene. It's hilarious. You would think these dudes are world class wrestlers, and then Ryback just destroys them. I am tired of him beating up teenagers though.

  • Robert olley

    If jr wasn’t ok with what vince says or does he could just leave like he did years ago end of the day he’s got a pretty good nest egg by now and tna would pay hand over fist for jr.

  • stoney

    WWEs mindset: BE A STAR (except to fat BBQ hicks like Jim Ross)

  • Kevin

    I'll say it again: It sucks that Vince and the WWE are running an anti-bullying campaign, while at the same time Vince is bullying JR. But JR is a big boy, and if he wants to let Vince bully him, who are we to judge him? JR gets big money for his work. If JR didn't like what was happening to him, I'm sure he would say something to Vince and, if all else failed, he'd quit. TNA could really use JR on the announce table, and would probably be happy to match his WWE pay to put him there.

  • Logan_Walker

    Well I Believe that the Intercontinental Championship is Best On Cody Rhodes