No WWE Champion, Refunds Given For Battleground, Cesaro Swing On Khali, More

- If you're just waking up and trying to find out who is WWE Champion after WWE Battleground, there isn't one. Big Show pulled the referee out of the ring when Daniel Bryan had Randy Orton in the Yes Lock and ended up knocking Bryan out. When referee Scott Armstrong was brought out to count Orton over Bryan, Show knocked him out and then Orton. The match ended with no conclusion.

- There was a complete debacle with a power outage at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York that caused WWE to lose the pay-per-view feed worldwide right before the show's main event. I've spoken with many readers who requested refunds from their providers and were granted their request.  You can read our initial coverage of the outage at this link.

- In one of the few bright spots on the pay-per-view, Antonio Cesaro put The Great Khali in the Cesaro Swing. WWE posted video at this link as you can also watch in the video embedded below:

- Smacktalks cover all the changes to the creative suite in WWE 2k14. You can watch a video with screenshots and all the details from a conference call last Friday with WWE Games Creative Director Cory Ledesma at this link. (Thanks to WNW reader Paul Lynn for sending this in.)

  • Kris Guenther

    My face when I read what happened in the main event last night:

    • smark calloway

      you do actually look quite ambrose like

  • Alex

    You’ve got to be kidding me. I was there last night. I spent over $400 for my ticket, and didn’t even complain when the power went out for all of about 5 minutes! The fact that people needed refunds for a hell of a lot less than I spent just for that makes me sick!

    • Xavier

      Teach!! Stuff like this is the reason why no one takes wrestling fans seriously. This is why I am ashamed to call myself a part of the IWC most days. Just because the guy they wanted to go over didn’t win doesn’t mean that people should act like whiny babies when they don’t get there way. I don’t ever wanna hear anyone in the IWC make fun of Cena fans “Kids” ever again because it’s apparent that most Bryan fans are children as well by the way they whine, cry & complain and throw a temper tantrum because there guy didn’t go over. This is the 2nd PPV in a row fans have demanded refunds. If I was Vince I’d tell those fans to go F themselves and to man the F up.

      • Steve pritchard

        I get what your saying ! Most wrestling fans these days are cry babies when the fan fav doesnt win. But that finish was bs for a ppv you spent 50 bucks for . Every thing that went down could last night could have happened on raw tonight no problem. Im not saying the ppv sucked. Im saying it was pointless . I would have said this if cena was in the main event. Bad booking is bad booking. No matter who is in the main event. WWE shouldnt get a pass on this.

      • Jay El Bee

        I agree, nobody whined and complained their way to a refund when the Undertaker & Kane match for the vacant WWE title at Judgment Day ’98 went to No Contest.

        • Bob’s Diner

          There were actually 3 possible outcomes to that match: Undertaker wins, Kane wins or Austin gets fired – and Austin got fired, meaning there was an actual pay-off. This PPV was built on the premise there would be a new WWE champion crowned. But there is still no champion, hence the whole thing was for nothing.

          • Jay El Bee

            Is it really a payoff when it barely lasts a week, besides the Big Show was “fired” on Raw so there’s your payoff.

          • Bob’s Diner

            1: Big Show getting fired was never a stipulation and is not “payoff”, considering the point of the PPV was to crown a new champion
            2: That happened on Raw, which just further illustrates how pointless the PPV was

            I think you are missing the point as to why these people were getting refunds; it wasn’t because of the crappy show, but because the feed went out for a few minutes. Which is strange they would get a refund for such a thing. But then again their cable provider might have have watched the show as well and felt sorry for them

      • Batman

        …they wanted refunds because they lost their feed. Not because of the result. Get some reading comprehension and lose the attitude.

        • Xavier

          My feed cameback on within minutes. There have been numerous reports that people nationwide requested their money back. Same thing happened last month. So why don’t you lose the attitude.

    • Steve pritchard

      Yeah the refunds were stupid . But as a wrestling fan i do have to say that was the most pointless and badly booked ppv . The fact it was a ppv to begin with has me scratching my head. Most of what happened last night could have happened on raw . I didnt care who won the belt . But that finish was ridiculous for a ppv.

      • dancerd

        i agree worse ppv ever

  • Tim

    That’s ridiculous that they would give out refunds. Yes the power went out, but they missed none of the show.

  • Luc

    Uh… Halloween Havoc 1998 anybody? Looks like WWE is getting some bad karma their way.