No WWE Draft?, CM Punk The New Number Two, Brock Lesnar Lawsuit Storyline, What Makes WNW Different

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Is WWE not holding a Draft this year?

The 2012 WWE Draft was originally penciled in for April but was scrapped and later replaced with the build to John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules. The talk after that was dropping it entirely with the Raw Supershow concept basically rending the brand extension meaningless. Lately we've see workers, such as Daniel Bryan, crossover to work certain programs and the only real difference with the brands has been who tours where. I haven't heard of plans to hold the draft this year but as always, those plans are subject to change.

CM Punk received a monster push after what happened last summer but now it seems that he is taking a backseat to John Cena. Why does Cena get pushed in front of CM Punk?

CM Punk is WWE's new "number two" behind John Cena but that doesn't change the fact that Cena is still the face of the company. Last week's Memorial Day Raw Supershow did a horrible rating without Cena appearing so WWE made sure he opened and closed this week's show. Cena's segments are still highly rated and his merchandise still outsells everyone else. This is why he has the position that he does but it's not a demotion for Punk as Punk has clearly increased his stock in the company.

Why has WWE not featured an update on Brock Lesnar's "lawsuit" in so long?

Vince McMahon wants people to believe Brock Lesnar has legitimately left the company so they can use him coming back as a "surprise" to build to a main event match against Triple H. Lesnar is only under a part-time agreement and WWE is spreading out his appearances to get as much use of him as they can. In the interim, Paul Heyman has been used to keep Lesnar relevant  but there's only so much of Paul E that can be seen without following up with Brock. However, I can assure you this is a storyline that will be revisited.

What makes different from other pro wrestling news websites?

I want to be careful not to sound arrogant while answering this question but compare WNW to any website out there. Search Google, look through your favorite message board, go to Facebook - I will put the quality of over any pro wrestling publication. The majority of wrestling news websites do not break their own material, the other few that do haven't broken nearly as many stories as we have. We are the industry leader but we are only in that position because of the support of every single person that visits daily. When I became a full-time pro wrestling journalist in 2007 it was my goal to create something different, challenge the status quo and take the quality to another level. Through your support, I have been able to do that and provide a closer look at the business with a quality I feel is unmatched.

Due to the birth of my son, the next installment of Ask WNW will tentatively run on Friday, June 8, 2012.

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  • I'm glad you're finally realizing that WWE has done away with the brand extension. The tour dates are the only remains of it. WWE has slowly been getting rid of brand extension for years. It all started when the WWE and World Tag-Team championship were unified.

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