Head TNA Writer Trying To Jump Ship To WWE; Who Is It Is & Details On How They Haven't Even Tried To Hide Their Intentions

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Believe it or not, I'm told Dave Lagana has been trying to get re-hired by WWE in the last two weeks. While he has a relatively safe spot on the creative team in TNA right now, the former WWE writer has been "calling nonstop" about a return to his former employer.

One source told us he isn't even trying to be sly about it. This source also has a hunch that Lagana isn't working in TNA under a contract.

The irony in it all is WWE isn't touching any TNA wrestlers due to ongoing litigation so it's unknown why Lagana believes they would sign a current TNA creative writer.

  • JakShowtime

    Because Lagana is awesome. That's why.

  • I think Dave Lagana being in WWE Creative would be a very good decision.

  • _JIM_

    Why did Lagana leave WWE in the first place? That doesn’t really sound like a smart business decision to have made for ones self. I sure hope it wasn’t voluntarally. That’d be like being in the Big Leagues and saying you know what? I’m going to quit playing here and go play for a Double-A team. Makes no sense.

  • Philip Thompson

    Whoever came up with "I'm the tag team champions" deserves to be the WWE head writer.