New NXT Talent, Dangerous Weed Supplements, Cena Angle From Raw, Chaos Backstage

What is the backstage opinion of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose?

It's a little early to gauge the internal reaction to the developmental studs, however, almost everyone is aware of Rollins and Ambrose and what they are capable of. Both have been on the road with the main roster at different points throughout the past year and given the fact they've already had success out of WWE , they aren't seen as green rookies. Roman Reigns hasn't had the same success and is by far the greenest.

Why were several WWE wrestlers suspended through the Wellness program for smoking Spice (a synthetic form of marijuana), when a positive test for real marijuana is just a fine, not a violation?

The medical personnel that oversee the WWE Wellness policy determined that synthetic forms of marijuana were much more dangerous than the real thing. This is why WWE took a strong stance against workers smoking it to end its use. We saw this one coming as we were aware of several cases of WWE workers smoking synthetic pot to get around Wellness fines but didn't expect it to last long. It didn't as WWE was quick to react by adding synthetic forms of marijuana to their banned substances list.

If John Cena was injured why did WWE have him do the locker room brawl with Dolph Ziggler?

The John Cena "injury" angle was scripted into this week's Raw, the sticking point was the spill to the outside. It clearly looked like Cena turned his ankle but everything done after that was all part of the show. We'll find out soon enough how badly he was really hurt but I can confirm the "injury" angle was scripted into the final write of the show.

A lot of reports these days are saying that show's and even pay-per-view's are being changed or completely written just hours before the show starts. Was it ever like this back in Attitude Era days of, in my opinion, the best programming wrestling has seen? If it wasn't, why is it the case now where it is clearly producing rushed storylines and shoddy shows on numerous occasions?

It's always been chaotic backstage at live television tapings and pay-per-views. The process is complex and given the fact Vince McMahon likes to change his mind and leave people in the dark, things have always been complicated. With that being said, it hasn't always been as bad as it is currently as many of the writers and producers are burned out due to the increased workload. Further, Vince has been under increased pressure (with injuries, declining ratings and burning $100 million) that has caused him to change his mind more often than usual. Things usually get worse before they get better but right now they're expecting too much out of their writers.

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  • Cheddar

    It's legal in Colorado and Washington.

  • Giovanni

    What are the current plans with Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose??

  • Kid

    Befor cm punks legendary promo he was the leader of the new nexus. Ambrose, Rollins, and reigns being nxt guys at the moment maybe a new nexus come back. With a new name as the Paul heyman guys….brad Maddox might be in the mix too.

  • partyjereme

    The funny thing is that the episodes of Raw that the dirtsheets claim are written up until the last minute usually end up being some of the better episodes of Raw. What that tells me is that either Vince knows what he is doing when he is making these changes, or this is how Raw has always been written and the dirtsheets are trying to make a bigger deal out of it than it actually is. Probably because they know the IWC is looking for any reason to complain about the WWE.