NXT Wrestling Running Shows Outside Of Florida

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WWE will run NXT Wrestling live events outside of the state of Florida beginning in March 2013 as they have announced dates in Georgia. Two dates announced include 3/8 in Valdosta and 3/9 in Perry.

The company's developmental program will be continuing to undergo changes as we noted of significant ones here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium.

You can view all upcoming NXT Wrestling live event dates at this link.

  • Ken

    Live shows are great, but NXT really needs a small, up to date TV deal in the US. I can see their shows where I live but they're pre-taped and quite old. Jinder Mahal's down there with his turban-in-a-box gimmick, for example, in a programme with Rollins where Rollins is the NXT Champ, except that Mahal's long since moved on to 3MB and left the Indian prince stuff behind. Bray Wyatt (Husky Harris) has a follower whose name I forget right now (Luke something?) who hasn't worked for the WWE for quite some time now.
    If Vince could score NXT a TV deal, either on his own network (if it ever gets off the ground) or anywhere else, and could run up to date programming that's concurrent with Raw/SD it would go a hell of a long way towards helping their developmental talent get over.
    As it is we've got Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns coming in to a big storyline, and I'd wager a lot of fans didn't have a clue who they were other than three young upstarts. Imagine if those fans were already familiar with these three.
    To my way of looking at things their call-up would have had a lot more momentum behind it, and owuld be more likely to establish these three, if the fans were more familiar with them. It would be the closest thing in the modern age to a WCW/WWE jump, except that obviously the WWE could tailor all aspects of it to their current storylines.