Obstructed Views At Wrestlemania 29, WWE Issuing Refunds For Webcast Customers

Obstructed Views

We've heard from a number of readers that attended Wrestlemania 29 that their view was obstructed by the four "sky rise buildings" that held the canopy up above the ring. Because they were looking directly at the setup around the ring, they were forced to watch the show from the screens in the stadium. There was a similar problem last year in Miami with the palm trees. If you experienced this issue, feel free to let us know more in the comments area below.

Refunds for Stream Malfunction

WWE is in the process of refunding customers that ordered the Wrestlemania 29 Webcast. As we previously reported here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com, a number of readers experienced problems. Wrestling News World reader Mathew Gagnon noted the Webcast was down from 7-9 PM EDT with the following error messages:

"Our Apologies. This service is unavailable" and "There was a problem playing the selected media. Please try again later."

  • Snap

    That’s actually to be expected from ANY show which has a lighting rig. When I went to In Your House: International Incident with a friend back in 1996, our view was obstructed by a portion of the lighting right which you rarely saw on TV and this was before they had any sort of tron displaying the action.

    We were in the last row of the lower bowl, so what we ended up having to do a lot of the time was look straight up, to watch the action on the TVs in one of the suites.

  • Ant

    I saw those and thoguht to myself that must suck to be behind one of those. Especially considering the ticket prices.

  • donkelvito

    was at Wm and my view was obstructe i started a petition Obstructed ViewsAtWrestlemania http://www.thepetitionsite.com/789/059/754/obstructed-view-at-wrestlemania/#bbtw=878044347