Official Buyrate Information For Royal Rumble & Elimination Chamber

WWE issued their 2013 first quarter results on Thursday morning (See also - Full WWE 2013 First Quarter Results – Vince McMahon Comments). In them, the official buyrate numbers for all of the pay-per-views in the quarter were reported. They were as follows:

  • Royal Rumble - 512,000 buys (compared to 443,000 in 2012)
  • Elimination Chamber - 213,000 buys (compared to 178,000 in 2012)

Both of the above shows were headlined by The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship.  Punk was the incumbent at Rumble and the challenger at Elimination Chamber.

  • Kingjamsie

    Rock draws…

    • Apparently CM Punk was a big part of the buyrate as well…

    • Xavier

      Careful now, I said the Rock was a draw a couple weeks ago and that troll “smart mark” got really upset with me lol.

      • LOL. That was classic. As far as the buyrates go the Royal Rumble drew better because of The Rock. But let’s also keep in mind that John Cena was heavily advertised for the actual Rumble match whereas last year he was not in the match. Last year’s Rumble did not look that appealing going into it.

      • Smart Mark

        You didn’t say the Rock was a draw you troll, you said that Cena vs Rock II was the main drawing point for WM29 so before you wanna try change up the story and make yourself look silly, think about what you said first.

        • Xavier

          Cena/Rock II was the main drawing point of Mania. It was the main event. As a matter of fact, WM was titled Greatness vs Redemption (which is referring to Cena/Rock). Keep trolling dumbass