Official Details On WWE Saturday Morning Slam; Vince McMahon Comments

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WWE issued the following press release on their new weekly half-hour show called WWE Saturday Morning Slam that will debut on Saturday, August 25th at 10 AM on The CW Network. Below is the release in its entirety:

STAMFORD, Conn., August 9, 2012 – WWE (NYSE: WWE) and Saban Brands today announced a new, weekly half-hour show, WWE Saturday Morning Slam, that will debut on Saturday, August 25 at 10 a.m. WWE Saturday Morning Slam will be part of the television premiere of Vortexx on The CW, a Saturday morning kids’ television block, reaching 114 million U.S. television households. This marks the first time, since 2001, WWE will have a program in a kids’ time slot and reinforces WWE’s commitment to kid-friendly entertainment.

WWE Saturday Morning Slam packs the riveting in-ring action, the larger-than-life WWE Superstars, and the WWE’s entertaining brand extensions into the fastest, most energy-filled half-hour on television. WWE Superstar profiles, behind-the-scenes footage and an exclusive WWE match every week will all combine to make WWE Saturday Morning Slam the perfect destination for the youngest viewers in the WWE Universe. The show will also include highlights from WWE’s Be a STAR anti-bullying campaign and other community initiatives.

“We are extremely excited to partner with the WWE to bring their world-class brand of entertainment to Vortexx,” said Joel Andryc, Co-President, Vortexx. “With a focus on action, adventure and comedy, Vortexx is the perfect home for WWE Saturday Morning Slam and will definitely excite our fans.”

“WWE has a long history on Saturday mornings, and we’re thrilled to make our action-packed return on Vortexx with WWE Saturday Morning Slam,” said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO. “The new program enables us to further engage kids and families, a vital component of WWE’s passionate and multi-generational fan base.”

  • ericdraven86

    Pg era looks to be around for a few more years sadly.

  • zach

    why is this sad? minus 97-08 WWE has always been a PG product, it makes no sence when ppl plast it because its always been there

    • ericdraven86

      Music and movies also used to be completely clean of any cuss words or lewd references but times change. The product has gotten stale in this current formula, in my opinion.

    • Adam

      Only Raw and PPVs were tv 14 from 97 to 08 anyway Smackdown was always PG

      • Smackdown was TV-14 from 99-01 from what i could tell.

      • PFElton

        You clearly are too young to remember the Attitude Era and you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

        FYI, little kids, the brand extension happened AFTER the Attitude Era.

  • The Fever

    Sounds like we are living in the 80s hahaa the WWE sure is.

  • PhilT81

    The rise of MMA means it makes descended for WWE to be a child-friendly product – even although every adult loved the attitude era. Most legitimate tough guys and highly skilled technical guys who genuinely want yo compete nowadays would go into MMA. Several high-profile wrestlers have said that if MMA had been big when they were starting out then that’s the direction they would have taken. Some of them may just be posturing and trying to look tough but some of them would have had a legitimate chance -bi would have loved to see a fit and young Kurt Angle doing MMA!

    With this kid-friendly show that’s all the more reason not to drop the Funkasaurus. Brodus Clay is an articulate and potentially reliable guy and has hopefully had the chance to mature a little now. He is very over with kids and we could have a new group of high-profile stars like we did with the Hulk Hogan cartoons that included stars like Randy Savage, Jim Duggan, Andre the Giant etc. A cartoon wouldn’t need to involve the biggest stars – its not something that would fit with CM Punk for example but it would work for guys like John Cena, Brodus Clay, Santino Marella, Zach Ryder, Puppet H, some WWE legends and talent that are no longer able to work in the ring – I bet plenty of them would be willing to voice their own cartoon character to remain relevant, especially as there aren’t many on-air roles for those who can’t work in the ring anymore. The cartoon could practically write itself and has the potential to shift a ton of merchandise, wrestling figures and new ranges of puppets etc. This could be something else that would work well in a kid-friendly slot such as after school on the WWE network. They’d be insane not to do it – even although it’s not been discussed thus far. WWE can use any of my ideas for free – I’ve got thousands of them 😉 They really should have some sort of consumer panel like other companies do, and I don’t mean the WWE Universe – I mean something far more focused. A group of people who really know the product, know the history and they don’t just get negative about every change and transition in the product. I would make changes to WWE studios. It doesn’t need dropped all together – but needs some big changes to stop being a drain on WWE resources. I think you could make lower budget films that concentrated on talent past and present in gimmick going off on some adventure. You could have Hacksaws Hawaii Holiday or Psycho Sid as a maniac villain determined to rule the world and the only people who can stop him are a random group of people like Goldust, Jim Duggan, Funkadaurus and Khali. Sid could have evil underlings helping him – such as Repo Man etc. I could come up with hundreds of plots for low-budget in character movies with cast lists that are heavy on past workers, people ranting to break into the business and extras – along with one or two current stars so that it appeals to people who watch it now but also people who watched it in the past but don’t anymore. People love things that make them remember years gone by and it could be a tool for getting them to reengage with the product. I think that attracting past viewers back should be one of WWE’s key strategies alongside attracting kids – because that is by far the best time to make somebody a fan for life. Not many people become WWE stars as adults – becauseost intelligent mature people are going to have problems engaging with it for the first time – because to them it’s just something that’s ‘fake’ – even although the same could be said for most things they watch on TV. I have hundreds of plots I could come up with.

    • Luda

      The wwe needs to hire u

      • RobUK

        You clearly know your stuff and this is a good read. I agree a cartoon would add to there push of PGtv and think it’s something WWE should be looking at. I do however have to disagree with your film ideas – I’ve worked in the film industry and I’m sorry but there not great. The reason WWE studios fail is because one the acting talent is not great (acting in wrestling is completely different to acting in film) and so far none of the WWE movies have had either a compelling story line or suited to there audience. Cena is kids favorite bit ‘the marine’ and ’12 rounds’ were hardly tailored to young children. He should have done something like ‘surburban commando’ or ‘mr.nanny’ – hogan films that were tailored to his audience. Another reason I see is the marketing it’s self – that would just take to long go get into but I think your ideas are great and just disagree slightly on WWE studios.

  • Wwe4L76

    Yeah, one more kidshow… Just because 22% of the viewers are kids and 78% babyes…

  • Adam

    It's the fans fault for making WWE PG. Why bring your kids to wrestling anyway? If no or brought their kids WWE would be TV 14

    • If I was never brought to wrestling during 2001 I wouldn't have been a wrestling fan. I'm pretty sure a lot of current wrestling both old and new fans have been brought into wrestling by their parents. The only fault that can be blamed on WWE going PG is the WWE.

    • WNW FAN

      I disagree. Why do people knock WWE for being family and kid friendly? Doesn't anyone remember how Hogan back in the 80's was loved so much and was a hero to so many kids? How about Bret Hart? Kids and family was such a big part of it. Why does everyone insist on TV14 or nothing? I know times change but why make a product that only appeals to a certain demographic that now is in the minority? WWE must be doing something right because their still in business and making money. Viewers who don't watch every week would be more inclined to stay with a clean show then to view some of the smut from the TV14 era.

  • _JIM_

    This all has to do with Linda’s Senate run. There’s no way that WWE could be doing what they were doing back in the Attitude Era right now and her still have any chance of winning a seat in the U.S. Senate. So unfortunately we are stuck with PG until she either loses again and gives up on a political career or until her tenure as Senator is over if she happens to win. Either way PG isn’t going anywhere soon.