Official WWE "Injury Update" On Triple H Following Last Night's Raw Supershow

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Below is the official "injury update" on Triple H following the opening segment of last night's WWE Raw Supershow as posted on dot com:

According to WWE doctor Dr. Chris Amann, Triple H’s arm was placed in a hold that created a tremendous amount of torque on his upper arm and elbow. “He has a non-displaced fracture of distal humorous,” said Amann. “Fortunately, this is not something that needs surgery with pins and screws. We’ll be treating him with a sling for comfort and following with him in the next few days.”

  • Double reversing…

    Wow, they used the WebMD app for that description.

  • Jeremy

    As a forensic anthropologist, I would like to point out that Trips did not suffer an injury to his humorous, as that is something which one might find to be funny. His humerus, on the other hand, that I could almost believe.

  • Tony P.

    He’s probably a real doctor idiot

  • mel

    hmm can someone say storyline?lol i knew it was all along and this just said it all.So Brock is gonna 'injure' everyone if he doesn't get his own way…yeah like we never saw that before *rolls eyes*

    • Razmos01

      What did people actually think it was real?? Oh my days

  • James M>>>

    Why is injury in quotes? Are you telling me that was fake? Next thing you’ll tell me is wrestling is fake, pfff.

  • Code

    they did the same angle with batista and randy orton with the legacy…recycled much?