Ole Anderson On Being WWE Hall Of Fame Snub - "Vince McMahon Hates My Guts, And I Don't Like Him"

Ole Anderson spoke with Mike Mooneyham of The Post And Courier about being excluded in the WWE Hall of Fame induction of the Four Horsemen. Below is an excerpt:

“Vince McMahon hates my guts, and I don’t like him. So that’s all there is to it,” said Anderson, who was part of one of wrestling’s most famous tag teams, The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, with the late Gene Anderson.

“To be a part of that, anyone with a brain knows who the first Four Horsemen were. It was me and Arn and Ric and Tully Blanchard, and J.J. Dillon was the manager. So if they don’t know that, they don’t know anything about wrestling anyway. So what’s the difference?”

“Vince McMahon is never going to call me,” added Anderson. “I hate his guts just like he hates mine. It’s no big deal.”

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  • Dave Barton

    And Ole wonders why fans think he’s bitter.

  • Wayne

    I thought that myself. Ole was on TBS back in the early 80's as an original 4 Horseman.

  • H.M.

    Can anyone tell me the history behind these sentiments? o:

    • Dave Barton

      In a nutshell, Ole owned part of Georgia Championship Wrestling when Vince bought controlling interest of it & shut it down, replacing it with WWF programming so he could hype up the first WrestleMania. The tv station GCW was on? WTBS.

  • Prprince

    What a real shame! Ole deserves to be inducted just as much as flair,AA,tully and J.J.

    • Jim

      I disagree with that very much. Ole was in and out of the group. While there wasn’t a Four Horseman without Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. Except for the Mongo group and I’m still trying to forget about that…

  • Jim

    Judging by this interview Ollie seems like such a nice guy. I just can’t see why Vince doesn’t like him…lol

    IMO Vince chose to induct this incarnation of The Four Horseman because they all had worked for WWF/E at some point in their careers. As far as I know Ollie never did. I personally liked the Flair, Double A, Luger, and Sid line-up because that was a little while after I gave up on WWF for the more realistic NWA / WCW. So I do hope they throw them a bone and at least give them a mention on the show. They definitely deserve it. Man do I miss WCW!!

    • havoc525

      Mine was Ric, Arn, Benoit, and Malenko. Sid was good, but I could never support Lex in there. Made as much sense as when Sting joined.

      • GODSENT83

        I agree., also the one with pillman was good

  • Chad

    Even though Ole was part of the first Horseman lineup, the lineup being inducted is considered to be the best horseman lineup and in my opinion the "classic" horseman lineup.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Weird weird weird. I'm still wondering if half of these guys would show up, given the history between them and Vince, plus his father. So much resentment I heard, so this would be interesting to see…..

  • Barb

    Ole being Ole. I Always liked him! Vince would have probably crapped his $5000 suit if Ole showed up anyway!

  • Eggtrocious

    Ole's got Parkinson's and has memory loss at this point, no? Either way, he absolutely *should* have been inducted. He was part of the initial line-up of the Four Horseman. Windham makes sense to some degree. Mongo was there when they didn't matter one bit. The only one more irrelevant than Mongo was Paul Roma(!?!?)

    • havoc525

      Have they said that it’s just THAT incarnation, or is the forever clause in place that would include ALL former Horsemen?

      • Blazeking

        Is Heidenreich in the HOF?

      • Funk Under Fire

        Don’t you read dude? It’s been stated several times it’s only the 5 mentioned!

  • b00aa0b0s

    its a fake hall of fame, so he shouldnt be crying

    • urnemystic

      How does saying he doesnt care constitute crying?

  • Denny

    I hope they all show up,even though it's a fake hall of fame!

  • Gav

    As long as Roma is no where near! All other Horesman has a spot!

  • ted

    wwe is just inducting flair, tully, barry, anderson and dillon into the wwe hof.

    who cares about Ole? vince could care less about this washed up has been.

    • HPK

      Then why should VKM care about Flair , AA , Tully , Windham , and JJ…Who are super-washed up ?!?

  • Bo Bossong

    I would rather see a Hall of Fame for erery one like Antoninoe Rocca Pepper Gomez Buddy Rodgers Killer Kowalski the ones who made wrestling. Also a Hall for Tag Teams. Gallegers, Grahamasthe Kangaros. There were a lot of good teams. And I still like Cena and why do these guys leave the WWE and come back as good guys. Crazy fans.

  • Kevin

    NONE of the 4 Horsemen incarnations were as good as the original. Ole and Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, with JJ as their manager. That group ROCKED! When I saw that the 4 Horsemen were being inducted, I immediately thought of the original group, not ANY of the sequels. As far as I'm concerned, the ONLY 4 Horsemen group was the original. All the others sucked compared to the original.