Olympic Wrestling Wins Reprieve, On 2020 Olympics Shortlist

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Olympic wrestling won a reprieve on Wednesday to be included on the IOC shortlist for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic games. Eight sports were vying for a single opening. Five of the eight sports were eliminated and included karate, roller sports, sport climbing, wakeboarding and the Chinese martial art of wushu.

Olympic wrestling joins squash and a combined baseball-softball bid.

The Associated Press has the story at this link.

  • _JIM_

    Wrestling is going to have a tough time getting in over baseball and softball. Which is a real shame. You think that what was the first Olympic sport just might get a pass and be included no matter what. It’s not like there is a lack of athletes attempting to qualify or something. There are plenty of other sports that should have been dropped before wrestling was even considered. The Pentahalon for example. There is zero interest in that event from athletes, and it can’t possibly bring in any kind of TV revenue or sponsorships. Wrestling, on the other hand, is a sport that almost every nation would have a representative competing in, and because of that it garners a lot of attention from sponsors and TV networks. Wrestling is something people have been doing for thousands of years and costs nothing to get involved with. Unlike a sport like wakeboarding where very few nations people have enough money to own a boat in order for the athlete to be able to practice enough to acheive Olympic level skills. But like I said, wrestling is going to have a really hard time being included over baseball and softball. Which sucks because wrestling doesn’t have professional leagues like baseball does around the world so people can make a living at it. The Olympics is pretty much it for an Olympic style wrestler that doesn’t want to train and go to the WWE or try for MMA.

    • PD

      Baseball is so uncompetitive, with only a handful of countries represented, and even then none of them are MLB stars. Hopefully that works in wrestling’s favor.