One Hell In A Cell Match, Steve Austin Acting, WWE Unifying Titles, Booking Kane

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Why is there only one Hell in a Cell match at the pay-per-view on Sunday? Shouldn't Sheamus vs. Big Show be held in the structure as well?

As things currently stand there is only one Hell in Cell match scheduled for the pay-per-view on Sunday. If this is the plan WWE is sticking with (which appears to be the case) we can only speculate the reasons. However, is one Hell in a Cell match really a bad thing? I am not big on gimmick matches but one of the things I've appreciated about WWE revamping their B-level pay-per-views as gimmick shows is the fact they don't overkill the gimmicks. While some may be interested in a card full of seven or eight cage matches, I think it creates a very difficult show to book that is only more difficult with the company's ban on blood. This also sets CM Punk vs. Ryback apart as the show's main event and doesn't allow for the World Heavyweight Championship to take any of the momentum. The bigger question is how will Punk vs. Ryback be booked?

Why does all of Steve Austin's movies go straight to DVD?

A lot of movies that Steve Austin has done have been lower budget straight-to-DVD flicks. While someone could assert that Austin can't get a bigger role, it's actually a pretty good strategy because it gives Austin the experience to have a feature role while still getting paid. Making it in Hollywood as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has done isn't easy but Austin's strategy is one that many pro wrestlers use. Further, I actually feel Austin is a very good actor. You can view clips from Austin's latest movie at this link.

With the WWE brand extension essentially over, when do you think we will see just one world title and perhaps the elimination of the World Heavyweight Championship?

I am all for having both a WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion and feel WWE has done a good job by "gracefully" ending the brand extension by getting talent from both brands on the live show while still maintaining a separate identity on Smackdown. Two world titles give the company a chance to have two separate main event scenes that create more opportunities to build top talent. A lot of people are tired of John Cena dominating the main event with some even growing tired of CM Punk as champion but if the World Heavyweight Championship is eliminated, the main event scene is only going to shrink. Unification ideas have been pitched for as long as there have been two world titles but I hope WWE continues with both the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship.

Since Kane's return in December do you feel his character has been odd and lame?

The booking of Kane has been very inconsistent with some [sources close to the company] even claiming before his work with Daniel Bryan that he was a character that was sometimes "forgotten" from week-to-week. Kane's current work is comedy but I actually prefer it over the inconsistencies that have plagued him since December. Some Kane fans will get on me because they feel he should be pushed in the top of the card but I feel he's in a good spot and is more of a reliable veteran able to fill roles where the company needs him.

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  • Joey

    I agree with your stance on Kane. He does a very god job with whatever role he is given, and to me is always entertaining, and that's what should matter the most to fans.

  • _JIM_

    I thought Kane did a wonderful job while being at the top of the card on Smackdown. He plays that evil monster role so well that one would think with the lack of top heel talent Kane would be worked into the mix at the top. At least on Smackdown where he had so much success just last year. The fact that he is such a reliable veteran only furthers my point. Because with his name recognition and monster type reputation if he were to be working at the top he could only help to enhance whatever up and coming talent he was to work with. Honestly that would include having him working as a face or as a heel.

  • mjledesma

    I read Kane tweeks his character to give himself breaks. He has been wrestling 20+ yrs now and his body is breaking down. When he is heel he is very physical but when face he can tone it down.

  • Frenchfry

    i hope he gets one more big monster push as he nears the end of his career a la mark henry

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    I think none of the World Championship or WWE Championship should be defended inside The Cell this year. Ryback can’t wrestle a 30-minute match and believe me, it will be Punk who is carrying Ryback and the match as a whole. The only match that is worthy to be done inside The Cell is the WWE Tag Team Championship featuring Team Hell No. I’m THE TAG TEAM CHAMPION! and who’s with me?

    • WyFo

      Dude, you’re annoying as hell! What are you, 5?

      • Nick Spears

        The dude sure got noticed! You gotto respect that!

    • Michael

      I doubt anybody is. Have mid-card workers in the only HIAC? Sheesh.

  • BigMike

    I think AUstin is ok as an actor my biggest problem is his roles.he really has never had a challenging role to MAKE him do something else Like when Dwayne played the Tooth Fairy or as the Gay bodyguard in Be Cool(( awesome movie and he stole the movieIMO)) Rock has proven he could do it

  • John

    Kane is a certain WWE HOFer due to loyalty and service to the company. Alot of people criticise Kane's multiple personas and the booking of his character, however how many guys on the roster, or even in the wrestling business in general, could pull off the long ranging personas that Kane has throughout his career? He is without doubt one of the most versatile superstars in WWE history!

    Personally i think it was a mistake having him come in originally as Undertakers younger brother, simply because he has always had that attached to him and he's had to live in the Undertakers shadow because of it.

  • JasonGaza

    Big show vs sheamus is PERFECT for a hell in the cell, so is kofi vs miz and cmonnnn Kane Dainel and Cody all in 1 cage is effin crazy! i hope wwe thinks this over