One Name You Can Rule Out As Part Of The Cryptic Videos That Have Aired On Raw Supershow

I spoke with someone close to Christian today and was told he just recently got the walking boot taken off his ankle. I'm told he still has to wear it every other day and is still in a lot of pain. The feeling is he would have been better off breaking his ankle given the severity of the sprain. The injury occurred on November 9th at a Smackdown house show in Belgium.

Due to increased speculation about Christian being part of the cryptic videos on Raw Supershow, I asked if he was a possibility. My source said that was "very doubtful" because he can still "barely walk."

While WWE plans for him to be back early next year, it certainly appears his return to the ring is not imminent.

To answer the multitude of questions, I have only heard two names for the cryptic videos since they began airing - Chris Jericho and The Undertaker.  However, I am unable to confirm any return at this point.

  • Kris

    Hate to say it but I'm very certain it's the Undertaker. Jerichos tweet proves he's not the one and seems agitated over it at best.
    Think about it you guys. These cryptic videos are similar to the Spring of 2000 return videos for the undertaker. You know, with the two girls saying dark things in a deserted, creepy and confusing place.
    And the fact that Kane came back with a mask really does give me the impression that the American Badass gimmick is coming back as well.

    • vmagic

      You're a moron, Jericho is not going to go on Twitter and tell the world he is about to return so of course he does what he usually does and tells the world he isn't coming back and that he's done with the WWE meanwhile he's been negotiating with them. Jericho only said that to keep his name off the radar not like it worked anyway. The videos may seem similar to what we've seen in the past when Taker came in with the biker gimmick but there is no reason for him to return as the biker at this point in his career when he should retire as the deadman, plain and simple.

  • pjhoover2012

    $100 it's not someone on the current roster or making a comeback from injury.

    • JakShowtime


  • Jaryd

    I think the darker turn that the videos have taken over the last few weeks might show that they're pretty much resigned to using them for Undertaker. It just seems to have gotten so obvious the last couple of weeks, they've started using the creepy (no offense meant to her, she's probably just a good actress) little girl in the same way they used the group of girls for his 2000 return.

    • vmagic

      I haven't seen anything "dark" about these videos, just weird, and the music is more similar to Jericho's style than Taker's style.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    While I would not want to be injuryed, I'll take a sprained ankle over a broken ankle..

    I still think it's Undertaker the videos and I agree with what Kris said they are very much like the 2000 return when they had the girls talking about dark things and singing that nursery Ryme.

    BUT I disagree he will not return as the American Bad ass ( I hated that gimmick ) when he does return it will be as The Deadman no matter when he returns even if it is not next Monday.

    • gpturbo81

      i agree, that biker gimmick was terrible. they need to bring back the cut up sleeves and the purple gloves. dong!

    • lukey

      He’s shaved his head will the deadman gimmick work without the black hair

  • Kleck

    I do t take what Jericho says in twitter with any regard. He is playing social media to his advantages. When or if he comes back I am doubtful he will announce it all over social media before he does in order to make a huge spectacle and fanfare out of it as he and the WWE has shown in the past with his character.

  • joe

    The End begins tells me that Wrestlemania could be Mean Mark's last match. Remember that name Mr. Executive vice President for Talent Relations and interim general manager of monday night raw?

    • Bault16


  • Gary

    or very doubtful b/c it would be absolutely stupid!

  • cornb31

    Jericho returns, takes out an already injured orton whos fuding with barrett and thats his season 1 nxt rookie so they form a team and run rampant. Just an idea