One WWE World Title Belt, Promoting CM Punk, Adding To Factions Destroys Them, Opponents For Sting In WWE

If WWE  did indeed retire the World Heavyweight Championship belt on this week's Raw, what are your thoughts?

My reaction to WWE retiring the World Heavyweight Championship belt is simple: It's about time. WWE has had one world champion for over 7 months now. I understand the initial point of having the champion carrying two belts, to accentuate the victory, but this is long overdue. WWE spent $50,000 on a new title belt that took a year and a half to make, that's their new world title and that's the belt the champion should carry. Obviously, two belts means more merchandise to sell but WWE has never had a problem selling throwback merchandise before. As for the criticism of the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, the same people that hate it are the same people that emailed us for years about their disdain for the "spinner" belt. Some people cannot be pleased and that's unfortunate.

I was watching Raw on Monday when a CM Punk promo in regards to his DVD aired. Is there a reason why WWE would do this on the final week of his Performer's Contract? Is this due to the amount of fans chanting his name? I would have thought WWE would do everything they could do prevent any hype due to the way he parted ways? What's your take on it?

I'm told the CM Punk promo was two-part. One, it was to make sure fans remember him and two, it was to show CM Punk the company hasn't forgotten about him. Attempts to re-sign CM Punk were unsuccessful as he was unwilling to negotiate a new WWE Performer's Contract. If anything, Punk proved a great point. He'll move on with his life having left the biggest professional wrestling promotion in the prime of his career. However, as a Punk fan, I just hope he doesn't end up regretting it. Punk could have come back -- at any point -- and cashed in big time, with the potential of surpassing his stardom. He didn't and with every week that goes by, that momentum only decreases. Steve Austin said you should never leave money on the table and that's what Punk did. I wish him well and am thankful for the CM Punk memories.

Do you think it would help Bray Wyatt if a new female member was added to The Wyatt Family?

I don't think Bray Wyatt needs any help. He's getting over just fine on his own, he has phenomenal mic skills and the in-ring abilities to go with them. I suppose I view The Wyatt Family differently than a lot of people. When I look at the Wyatts, I look for ways to elevate all three. I don't look at it and say: OK, who should WWE add now? If we look back through wrestling history, we can easily see how this type of thinking "waters down" factions and dismantles early momentum. Almost every faction I can think of was destroyed by adding to them.

I have been asking this question ever since Sting has been rumored to join WWE. What would you think of Triple H vs. Sting at Wrestlemania 31?

Triple H spoke about Sting in WWE in this week's kayfabe sit-down interview with Michael Cole. In it, he listed four possible dream match scenarios for people that pre-order WWE 2K15 and obtain the playable Sting character. Those matches were Sting vs. Steve Austin, Sting vs. The Rock, Sting vs. The Undertaker and Sting vs. Triple H. If you pre-order the game, you can play each one of them. Sting hasn't been shy about wanting one more match -- one against the Undertaker. WWE now has the use of Sting and while they're starting with merchandise, I believe a final dream match isn't out of the question. I know there were creative rumblings about utilizing him at Wrestlemania 31 next year before Wrestlemania 30 this year. As for an opponent, it will depend on the situation but I would be fine with any of those mentioned on Wednesday by Triple H.

From the Ask WNW vault…

August 2013: Do you think John Cena should get an extended break like CM Punk got? - There has been concern about John Cena burning himself out both physically and mentally but John is a workaholic. He’s a guy that wants to be out there performing in the ring. This aspect, which is often highlighted in his promos, is just part of who he is. WWE does feel they need him as he remains the face of the company and their top draw.

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  • supercilious1

    Triple H vs. Sting is the way to go. Did you see that dig Triple H took in the interview? This would be a great build up.

  • Venom

    If the 2 belts sucked they have every right to complain. We waited years to get rid of the spinner belt and this was the best they could come up with? Even CM Punk criticised it before it came out. Said it looks worse then the spinner. The spinner was a custom belt. Imagine the never used Rocks Barama Bull belt was used as the WWE belt for other wrestlers. It’s like they’re just carrying his title and were waiting to see him win it back. Same can be said about spinner title. I don’t mind if everytime John Cena wins a title he uses his custom spinner one despite me being against custom belts. But if someone else wins title should go back to WWE title.

    • Snap

      Punk didn’t say it looked worse than the spinner, he said it was better but not by much and then commented on how heavy it was.

      • Venom

        Maybe he said it that way. I’ll take your word for it as I typed it based off memory. But I guess saying it was better but not by much still says it sucks.

        • Snap

          True. When I look at the belt, the primary criticism I have is that they made the “bling” the focus instead of using it to accentuate the belt. To compare, look at the Big Gold belt and the Undisputed belt (or JBL’s belt, as some like to call it) they don’t rely on flashy bling to make the belt attractive, whereas the spinner and the current belt have bling in your face.

          While I would never even consider getting a replica of the spinner, I’d get a replica of the current belt if I had that much disposable income to burn.

          • bGuest

            I guess you dont like too much bling bling huh. Lol

          • Venom

            It’s not that I’m a fan of the big gold belt. I’m a fan of the size of the belt. It’s big as what the top title should be. A world title should at least have a globe in their to show it.

            If I had disposable income I’d get the current IC title.

    • Guest

      Well the original first draft title belt without all the details(but basically the same belt) looked HORRIBLE. The regular WWE Championship belt they have now looks fine.

      I dont get it. Everybody said it looks good when it first came out. Then after a while…oh its horrible blah blah blah. Ya’ll had everything to criticize about that title belt…yet when The Rock debut that new title belt, people wasnt really complaining like that. The worst I heard was it is just ok…or Im not a big fan, but its still an improvement from the spinner belt. A couple of months later, everybody saying they hate it. Smdh!

      • Venom

        But the belt that everyone keeps saying they liked the best was the one after the brand split…

        Not sure which forums you’ve been browsing but I never read any good comments about the new belt. In fact, I think I heard some boos when Rock debut the new belt. It just looks like a giant ring.

  • Violet09

    It would be tough to find the right person, but a female that could hold the Sister Abigail role on par with the Wyatt family would be amazing and put the faction over the top

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I don’t care for Punk or the way he left. However he is not stupid. It seems with the network and loss of bonuses you can make more money by coming back as what he claimed to hate which is a part timer. Brock Lesner and The Rock can make more money in a year with limited matches than some will ever make. I think he knows this and will be back on a part time appearance like Jericho. I know he said he was unhappy with the way Daniel Bryan was being treated but really it seemed it was more about the network and loss of money that was bugging him.

    • Gary Robert

      Its all hearsay, but personally I don’t think it was a money issue. Guy is loaded. He’s very well off. I think it was a simple culmination of a lot of things that we all go through when it comes to our jobs. But, unlike him, we simply don’t have the financial stability to walk-away, as he did. If you were a millionaire, would you continue to work in a job that made you unhappy? Exactly.

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

        No I would not. But it seemed to me it was more about the money for him. I can’t say I blame I blame him. But after all he’s said about people going and making movies it was stunning to read a while back he was letting Hollywood know he was interested. I read that on one of the segments on here. There’s nothing wrong with it except it makes him look like a hypocrite

        • Venom

          How can it be about money if the guy is walking away from a lot of money in he table? Yes I know ppv bonuses are a mystery with the whole network issue, however, guys like Punk, Cena, Orton, etc. still make a lot from their downside guarantee. I mean it was revealed a year ago that Orton makes $200,000 a month.

          Multiply that by 12.

          Punk had enough money to apparently put a down payment on Joey Mercurys house.

          An argument could be made that Punk wanted what Hogan had the majority of his career. Creative Control. Better direction. He never got that. Even when wwe champion he wasn’t the face of the company. He wanted to headline a Wrestlemania but never got that. The difference between Punk and Hogan aside from wrestling was Punk didn’t care about wins and losses or was losinga program. He wanted better treatment.

          • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

            That might be true but when you’re working everyday and then they bring someone in for millions of dollars to work limited episodes might get to you.

  • Gary Robert

    The two belts was always a silly looking idea. When I saw Cena hand the title off to Flair and tell him to keep it, I was hoping that he truly meant it. Thats Flair’s title, anyway. Makes sense.

    • MadDawg

      I just had to rewatch that segment because ididn’t notice Cena tell Flair to keep it the first time. That looked improved the second time around. That kind of changes it for me.

  • John

    Watching legends like Ric Flair, at 65 years old, and Hulk Hogan, at 60 years old, embarrassing themselves every time they appear on TV because they are desperate for another paycheck after thrown all their money away makes me admire and respect CM Punk for getting out of the business when he did. He made his money and he has his health.. Why stick around longer than you need too?

  • Wrestling Gawd

    I love JBL’s WWE title they should go back to using it again.

    • Venom

      That wasn’t my favourite but that’s the title they should have gone to anytime Cena wasn’t the champion.

      • Geordie Dolph

        I agree with you, and I loved that version the title belt. I also can’t remember anyone holding it that looked out of place with it. Although I do tend to think of that title being more associated with Brock than JBL. Possibly because it was the only title Brock has ever held in WWE, well up to now anyway.

    • Frankieeebaby

      I can’t remember JBL’s belt

      • Mysterion

        That one. Personally I really like it.

        • Venom

          Come to think of it it’s not bad looking. I think my only preference of the top title of a company should be a little bigger. Like the Big Gold Belt. To me this title looks small like the IC title. Nothing really stands out either. The Wing Eagled belt had the wings coming out of the belt. People describe it for that. It’s nice to ha title like winged eagle or big gold or I hate to say it the spinner belt where you can call it by its description and not by who held it.

          I really wish WWE came up with a few designs and had fans vote for their favorite. When I saw other sketches of the new title there were a few that I liked more then the one they have now.

          I’d say he fans submit designs but realistically it’s impossible.

        • Frankieeebaby

          I love that one

  • Bob’s Diner

    “Steve Austin said you should never leave money on the table”
    Well, that’s what Austin did many times with his refusal to work with certain people (Hogan, Lesnar) so he should know all about that. Trouble is, what was actually left for Punk to do? He had worked with everyone – and put them all over – and the one thing he wanted was a match against Austin. That was never going to happen. I don’t really think he left anything “on the table”

    • ron


      • Bob’s Diner

        What’s your point? What big money matches were there left for him to have? He worked PPV main events with The Rock and Brock Lesnar – possibly the 2 biggest draws in professional wrestling today. I don’t think PPV opening matches against The Shield was raking in the big bucks like those matches.

        • ron

          The $$ are based on pay rate and viewership not necessiarly if an austin came back. what is meant by he left a lot of $$ on the table because he could be in lots of ppv and on TV for quite awhile longer whether he ever wrestled Austin or not his talent would have brought him back to the top tier of superstars and thus the $$ he left by leaving now while still healthy.

          • Bob’s Diner

            The bonuses are worked out in accordance to where someone is on the card – the people in the main event make much more than someone opening the show. Not to mention, as others have said, there is all sorts of rumours about the bonuses from the PPVs and video games now being lower than before.

            My main point still stands; Austin is a hypocrite. He didn’t even turn up to a show because he didn’t want to lose a match. Him against Hogan would have be HUGE but he refused to work with him.

          • Venom

            I dunno if it’s someone’s place on the card anymore. Back in the attitude era and even 5 years ago we had 1 main event and it was the last match. Now it’s advertised as 2-3 main event matches and they’re all over the card. Last few years World title would open the show. Wwe championship was 2nd or 3rd last match (sometimes right before a divas match) and a John Cena match as the final match.

          • Guest

            Its not him being a hiprocrite. Its him being maturer and learning from his mistakes. Thats what he was saying about Punk.

            But the difference is Punk said hes fine financially…so I guess its not the same boat.

    • Guest

      Um…thats what Austin was saying. That was his biggest regret in this wrestling business. Keep up bro!

      • Bob’s Diner

        Austin hasn’t changed – he just likes to spin things. He talked up coming back for a little bit, but it never happened. Punk wanted a match with him but Austin only showed interest if CM Punk was the heel – meaning Austin wouldn’t get any backlash for winning. He’s a smart man but was always incredibly selfish once he got to the top. Gosh, he even went to a WWE show and bragged to Cena about how he would sell out bigger crowds. Just his way of telling Cena he isn’t as big a star as him.

        So yeah I will keep up.. ?

    • K!NG

      Punk had nothing else to do. in 2013 alone he faced the rock undertaker and lesnar. the last guy to face all three of those guys in a calender year was kurt angle.

  • Robert Olley

    To add yo your point Richard if the wyatt family is to elevate all 3 why not add a female to elevate them aswell?

  • Ken

    Out of the four dream matches that Richard mentioned, I really only see two of them happening and they would be Sting vs Taker and Sting vs Triple H. Sting vs Triple H would be the mostly likely while vs Taker would be the most anticipate. If either of those happen at next years WrestleMania, I’ll all for it.

  • James Thornton

    I don’t think adding performers to a faction destroys it. I think it just comes down to how many people are added. DX and The Nation of Domination are prime examples of factions that added people to the group and they still went on strong, with DX adding the Outlaws and X-Pac and The Nation adding The Rock. On the other hand, we had groups like NWO/Wolfpac who added too many people and it ended up destroying the group.

  • The Spinebuster

    I have no interest in Sting vs Undertaker now that the streak has ended. Sting vs Triple H would be epic. I would like to see this at wrestlemania 31

    triple h vs sting

    brock lesnar (c) vs roman reigns

    john cena vs cesaro

    bray wyatt vs the undertaker (in one more match) imagine where they could go with these two?

    • Venom

      But now that the streak is over, any future match with Taker, while it doesn’t have the same hype like every year, can be unpredictable. Before this wrestlemania Sting vs Undertaker we knew the finish. This time, if it’s someone’s first match vs Undertsker it can go either way. I mean sure if Sting wins it means a victory to WCW and Vince can’t allow that. My only concern is Undertaker wants to lose his last match and that’s how it is tradition wise in wrestling.

      Seriously, any match with proper build could be exciting. If they give Ryback wins and bring back the feed me more chants as a heel and Goldbergs music plays and they have a stare down people will be excited. This past WM may have had good matches on paper and even as n event, but horrible build.

  • AAA

    I know it will never happen, but my dream match besides undertaker vs sting, was Shawn Michaels vs Sting, these two men represented their company in the mid 90’s. Sting never wrestled in a wwe ring and I think Shawn never did in a wcw ring, it would have been great to see.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Shawn represented WWE in the 90’s? That is a bit of a reach…

      • K!NG

        HBK and Bret represented the New Genereation just like the rock and steve austin represented the attitude era.

    • Rafa

      In my opinion Bret Hart represented WWE way more than shawn. He really escalated wwf to that global level at the time. shawn was just a small (very small) step to austin & the rock becoming the face of the company

      • AAA

        I do agree with you about bret Hart, he is my favorite wrestler of all time, he set the bar in the early 90’s, but I feel Shawn kept the wwe afloat with his stellar match performances, I honestly think if he did not have those great matches wwe would have gone under because that was right before the attitude era when the wrestlers were still handcuffed b/c they were still kid friendly. Go back and look what he did with guys like Vader, mankind, Sid, the undertaker, during that time no one could touch him in the ring. But the main point I was trying to make was Shawn was loyal to wwe as sting was to wcw, I was glad I got to see sting vs bret Hart, too bad it was not by www, the build up would have been awsome.

        • Rafa

          Agree with the shawn’s matches and fueds being excellent quality. Im a way i compare bret to cena. People got tired of the good guy beating the bad guy gimmick and started cheering for the badasses shawn n austin. Only difference was that bret acctually turned heel even if it was only in america.
          Favourite bret gimmick btw lol. Heel in the USA n babyface anywhere else.

  • DW

    FYI….wrestling fans will never be satisfied with anything ever! Why is he carrying around two belts? Let’s join the belts? Let’s split the belts? Let’s split the brands? I hate the brand split? I hate the spinner belt? The new belt looks terrible?

    “What do you animals want from us”, says the wwe creative team.

  • Scott Davies

    I think the people that don’t like this design is justified. There were images of other designs that were way better. I am not surprised.

  • ClintMurphy

    why is triple h putting his name in the fold for sting matches, not a dream match in the least, i would like to see cena go against him along with kane and bray