Opening Video For Lockdown; Does WWE Network Make You Less Likely To Order A TNA PPV?

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Opening Lockdown Video

TNA Wrestling has posted the opening video for Lockdown on their official YouTube channel. You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below:

WWE Network A Problem for TNA?

There is a question I've posed to my followers on Twitter and I wanted to include it here. It's no secret the WWE Network will cannibalize WWE's pay-per-view business but what about TNA Wrestling? TNA has never done particularly well on pay-per-view and now they'll have to convince fans their shows are worth $44.95. Not only that but the majority of wrestling fans are just weeks into their WWE Network subscriptions, which gives them the opportunity to watch a lot of wrestling for just $9.99/month. This is where I want to hear from you.

Are you less likely to spend $44.95 on a wrestling pay-per-view now that you have the WWE Network for $9.99/month? Why or why not?

Please note: If you are in the UK and get Lockdown for free, you clearly do not apply. However, if you did have to pay for it, would you? Why or why not?

  • jason witten 82

    No way

  • BMGabe

    TNA makes you not want to order a TNA PPV

  • John

    I think it is definitely more likely that WRESTLING FANS would buy a TNA PPV now that their is no more WWE PPV’s every month.

    And i put wrestling fans in capitals because their is far too many WWE fanboys on here who bash TNA for everything they do. Lockdown is a good card, certainly better than many of the WWE PPV’s towards the end of last year.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I’m a WRESTLING fan. The problem is, TNA make such a terrible product nowadays that not even great wrestling makes it worth watching

      • John

        TNA is not terrible at all, you are exaggerating! Is it as good as it was pre Hogan/Bischoff? No of course not, but too suggest it should be is wishful thinking. Out of curiosity, how would you describe the WWE product at this point?

        • Bob’s Diner

          I could take or leave WWE right now. Was flat out terrible after SummerSlam, but isn’t that bad right now (though not great). I would prefer 2009 TNA over what WWE are doing right now any day of the week.

          I’d just like to see the talent TNA have used properly and no Dixie Carter. Not the same stupid storyline rehashed year after year. It is why I stopped watching. I’d rather put my time and money into some of the smaller companies that are out there working hard and putting on decent shows but only charging a fraction of the price.

    • whammaster

      I love how you attempt to separate the community in this post to make you sound right no matter who comments. TNA has great talent, and some of the best ring work from those talents, however TNA’s story progression, and sometimes even the work of the talent are just horrid to watch. NOT saying WWE is any better, but they do have a better grasp at what they are trying to do. TNA does things that just leave you questioning “wtf did i just watch?”.

      Lockdown has a great card, but at least 3 of these matches have ZERO BUILD, ZERO ANNOUNCEMENT. Its piss poor booking, and piss poor advertising on TNA’s side of the coin. Is it worth the $50 price tag … mmm thats questionable if you have $50 to blow. Its not a must get and see ppv, but it is also one of those where they can do a lot. Lockdown will be entertaining regardless, but their is no question in my mind that WWE’s $10 move WILL hurt TNA’s ppv buyrate.

      • Docteur Lobo

        “Lockdown has a great card, but at least 3 of these matches have ZERO BUILD, ZERO ANNOUNCEMENT.”

        That’s just not true. The only match on the card without any kind of real build is the Wrestle One/TNA match. Every other match on the card has had build and/or storylines leading to it, even Tigre Uno’s debut match, which has been hyped for weeks.

        And before someone objects by mentioning the EC3 open challenge, the entire storyline so far has been EC3 trying to injure Angle before the PPV in order not to face him. He finally succeeded, and the Lockdown open challenge plays into it, it’s part of the storyline.

        • Bob’s Diner

          I’m sorry – you are actually trying to justify the company hyping the matchup while they knew it was never going to happen, waiting until only a few days ago to announce that EC3 would have to fight someone else instead?

          Mind = boggled

          • Docteur Lobo

            What boggles my mind is thinking that “TNA make such a terrible product nowadays”, so… I doubt we’ll ever agree on anything at all.

          • Bob’s Diner

            It is terrible. That isn’t even up for debate.
            But seriously, how can you justify the company announcing a match they knew was never going to happen and only pulling it a few days before the event?

    • Jolly

      We can argue TNA vs WWE all we want but the numbers don’t lie. If TNA is the superior product, why do they draw such poor numbers in comparison to WWE? If TNA had a superior product, it would be ahead of WWE. Simple as.

      • John

        Where did i say TNA had a superior product? It’s just not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. And no, if one product is superior to another, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be more popular.

        • Jolly

          You were comparing and contrasting TNA and WWE, stating that you preferred TNA. Generally, that’s implying that, in your opinion, you view TNA as the “superior product”.
          I’ll give you credit; it’s certainly not as bad as it was in 2011. However, let’s also beat in mind that TNA is running a corporate champion angle right in the wake of WWE’s own Authority angle… which is only just following TNAs AJ walkout storyline which AGAIN isn’t too long after WWEs CM Punk walkout story in 2011. The lack of creativity makes TNA feel like a cheap knockoff… That’s why we give it stick.
          For the record, logic dictates that if TNA put out a better product, people would prefer to watch TNA overWWE. They’ve had their chances and are still barely a no. 2 with freaking MAGNUS as their top guy. I’m sorry but there are WWE “fanboys” for a reason – WWE may put crap out there sometimes but it’s generally consistent and even the haters watch it every week.

          • John

            Do you even watch TNA? Magnus has been excellent in his role as a heel. Personally i would prefer them to book him to look stronger than they do, but he is still as over as any heel in WWE or TNA right now. As for copying ideas, don’t you remember the John Cena / AJ Styles “love” scandal that was a direct copy of the AJ Styles / Dixie Carter storyline? Every wrestling storyline is taken from the past, so I’m not sure the whole stealing storyline thing is actually legitimate.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Have you seen AJ’s most recent shoot interview? When he talks about that angle, it is hilarious what was planned and how it ended up

          • John

            No i haven’t seen it, but I’m glad they seemingly ended that storyline abruptly. Like you said in another comment, i would prefer Dixie not to be involved in any storyline whatsoever.

  • Josh G

    I would order it if it weren’t for the network without a doubt. Or if it weren’t for the lack of quality with TNA

  • Maddox

    Don’t know, Never use to order an PPV because of the price but I did subscribe to the network for that little price. Soon wouldn’t necessarily say it’s because of the network per say

  • Bob’s Diner

    Wait a minute – they actually charge $44.95 per PPV? Wow… I’m amazed they even get 1,000 buys at that price. They aren’t WWE or UFC. They can’t justify that price. Try charging $20 per show… and then hire a darn marketing person so people are not just convinced to buy the PPV, they are made aware that TNA actually exists.

  • T-Zone

    I’ve been watching TNA since mid-2006. They’ve had their ups and downs. I’ve seen the good and the bad. Despite that, I’ve had faith in thier product since then. Unfortunately the last year or two, I’ve been watching less and less due to less time on my side. Nowadays, I can only keep up with WWE after DVRing. This lack of time also includes ROH, NJPW, Hustle, etc.

    the Network is barely a factor that I will buy anymore TNA PPVs.

  • I may not apply but I would not pay for it no, not a chance in hell

  • jdl

    I’m not one to even bother ordering PPVs, but if I was getting a dozen of them for $9.99 a month, I would certainly not pay $45 for one.

  • Snap

    The thing is, I don’t believe WWE PPVs were worth what they were charging before they decided to bundle them with the network. WWE PPV prices used to be reasonable, until Vince saw what UFC was charging and followed suit. For the price charged for WrestleMania, it should have included the complete Hall of Fame induction ceremony and the exclusive use of a diva of your choice for the night.

    But comparing the WWE Network to TNA PPVs is like apples and oranges. It would be like saying “Windows 8 is so unpopular with users, are you less likely to go with OS X?” If TNA had a similar network and was charging something like $15.99 for the service, then it would be a bit more of a fair comparison, but WWE is a huge corporate entity which can afford to eat the loss with the potential number of subscriptions they could expect from their established audience. TNA doesn’t have any of that, but it would really come down to which wrestlers someone would rather watch.

  • Scott Davies

    I personally don’t think it matters, TNA’s booking is horrible. TNA is clearly lacking & I believe the departure of AJ Styles is a bad move on TNA’s part as he was the face. If TNA is stupid enough to let their star go. Then I have no faith in TNA.