Opponents For Lesnar, Mysterio Wants Out, Ambrose vs. Rollins, Protecting The Streak

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Can you explain to me if Brock Lesnar does win the WWE title at SummerSlam how is he going to defend it at pay-per-views if he only has a limited amount of dates?

If Brock Lesnar goes over for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam, there will obviously be a plan for him to defend it. It will be imperative that he's on Night of Champions in September and we reported last month that he's in the preliminary plans. Paul Heyman has been answering most of these questions while doing media for the match. In this interview, Heyman mentioned Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Big Show and Daniel Bryan as possible opponents. As for the frequency of Lesnar's possible defenses -- as we highlighted on Sunday and Monday -- Heyman feels the WWE title is defended too often.

Is Rey Mysterio injured or is WWE not using him?

Rey Mysterio and WWE were originally renegotiating a contract extension and there was legitimate concern that he might leave. However, WWE added injury time to his existing contract and have continued to pay him his downside. According to people close to Mysterio, he wants out but the company isn't letting him out. This is why Konnan is using the hashtag #FreeRey in his Tweets against WWE for their handling of Alberto Del Rio.

Do you have any insight as to why WWE would have Dean Ambrose choose a lumberjack match for his stipulation against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam? It lacks logic as I would've thought he'd chose a match for the MITB contract, perhaps even a ladder match for the contract.

As of last Monday, WWE hadn't decided on the stipulation for Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins at SummerSlam and at last Tuesday's Smackdown taping, the lumberjack match stipulation was announced. I agree that not only does it lack logic but it's underwhelming. It's my assumption that WWE booked it as a way to get other workers on the pay-per-view card but I agree - they could do better.

Would you be OK if the finish of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at SummerSlam saw Paul Heyman turn on Brock Lesnar and help John Cena, leading to a long-awaited heel turn?

I do not believe there are any plans to turn John Cena heel - especially in a bout with Brock Lesnar. I do not feel this scenario is plausible or beneficial. While a large segment of WWE's audience wants character progression from Cena, it can't be at the price of Brock Lesnar. When he was booked over The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX, a lot was invested in his future. It's essential that WWE keep Lesnar over as a dominant heel, ultimately leading to him transferring the rub he was given back in April.

November 2011: This may have been asked before but Ric Flair is now just a balding embarrassment. Do you think TNA will give him one last push to save his legacy amongst the younger generation? - First of all I want to be on the record as to saying I am not calling Ric Flair a “balding embarrassment.” I respect Flair for what he has done for the business and this is solely the comment of a reader and is not a representation of my thoughts on the Nature Boy. As for Ric Flair’s career, I was very vocal in defending his decision to return to the ring with TNA. My point was if he wants to return, why should a storyline retirement [in WWE] stop him? I realize WWE let him go out like no one before but at the end of the day it was still an angle that WWE cashed in on. However, we can evaluate Flair’s career with TNA and can clearly see he has failed to protect his character and it has suffered as a result. The moment that sobered me was when Flair went under to Jay Lethal (who is no longer with the company) at TNA Victory Road last year only for Jeff Hardy to beat Lethal the next night at the Impact taping for that week. It was that moment I saw how big of a mistake Flair made by returning to a second-tier company. Fortunately for Flair not enough people are watching to ruin his legacy and most people probably don’t even realize how badly he’s been booked.

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  • Xavier

    Turning Cena heel against Lesnar is possibly the worst person to use his heel turn on. Lesnar as a face would never work (he’s not a believable face at all) and Cena & Heyman together wouldn’t work in the least bit.

    Rey is probably my all-time favorite, I’ve even had the honor of meeting him a few times and he’s a really good guy and IMHO the best in ring worker of the last 15-20 years and I’d really hate too him go but if he’s unhappy there and is too banged up then I really feel that Vince should part ways with Mysterio

    • Bob’s Diner

      I think they are purposely holding on to him so he doesn’t go help AAA with their new show

    • Gary Robert

      Xavier! Hogan tries to help but accidentally causes Cena to lose, Cena gets infuriated and turns on Hogan for the heel turn, haha.

      • Jason

        shawn michaels turned heel at the expense of Hogan in 2005 and it didn’t last.

    • Guest

      Me again
      Hugo Savinovich just did an interview saying Rey Mysterio got his release. Guess we’ll wait to see if it is true or not

  • jus2cme

    Ambrose vs Rollins first match should not be for the contract. I am sure their program will extend pass SS. A future match for the MITB conract will extend the program in a later phase.

    • Gor

      Steel cage, best option.

  • toronto


  • Smark Twain

    Remember when the Shield faced half the locker room and Ambrose and Rollins out-wrestled half of them while Roman Reigns overpowered the other half? It was basically just an elaborate way to put the group’s dominance over ahead of facing evolution. I’m expecting they’re going to replicate that at Summerslam but without Reigns. At one point all the lumberjack enemies they made as the Shield will attack both men and Rollins/Ambrose will fight through it, putting over their reputations as ring generals and both competitors in the process. It’s a fitting gimmick for the current story and the announce did a decent job on selling why the stipulation makes sense.

  • David F

    I have gut feeling Rollins walks out of Summerslam with WWE title with help from Kane getting revenge on Lesnar for streak

    • Chad

      That doesn’t make sense. It kills Lesnar’s momentum while turning Rollins and Kane face. Seeing as Kane just returned to his corporate kane persona on Raw, I say there is no chance that this happens.

      • David F

        im just going off recent trend of Summerslam ending with MITB cash in. plus if you want have Rock v Brock at WM 31 Brock cant be champ. It makes sense for Kane to want have revenge on Lesnar for ending his brother’s streak. WWE can do it in way keep Rollins as heel and have Rollins v Ambrose v Cena at Night of Champions for title Kane v Lesnar can be at Survivor

    • Gary Robert

      not in a million years

  • Venom

    Another WWE lack of logic… Kane trying to punish Roman by putting him in a handicap match. Randy Orton critises Kane that Roman took out 2 guys… Ummm didn’t Roman Reigns beat Kane AND Randy Orton a few weeks ago in a handicap match which started the feud? If Reigns beat those 2 in a handicap match, why does Randy think be can get the job done on his own?

  • Dave Barton

    I felt the Lumberjack match was a letdown at first, but then the more I thought about it, how many times has Ambrose attacked Rollins only for Rollins to run away? Put it into that kind of perspective and it makes sense…and its a nice throwback to old-school wrestling.

    • Eddie Edwards

      That’s why I thought it would be in a steel cage

    • Bob’s Diner

      I would be accepting if it was like the 2nd or 3rd match – where Ambrose needed to keep him in the ring to make sure he gets his comeuppance. I think a straight up one-on-one match between these guys could tear the house down. Maybe the higher ups want to save that for an actual main event once Rollins cashes in though?

    • K!NG

      I’m fine with the lumberjack match for all the same reasons you have stated. I do believe this feud will be far from over. I’d love to see ambrose and rollins inside hell in a cell at the october PPV.

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      ever thought of a steel cage match?

      • Gary Robert

        HITC made the most sense

  • The Spinebuster

    Korprate Kane sucks they need to get rid of this charachter. Kane is such a wimp in that role

    • Bob’s Diner

      I’d like him to stop calling himself ‘The Demon’ as well.
      He isn’t Gene Simmons

    • John

      When he took his mask off last week i thought it was going to lead to something new. Instead he’s just went back to what he was doing before. At this point i think Kane is best served as part of a tag team.

  • John

    Considering the state of the WWE finances right now, this is probably the most unlikeliest period of the past 10 years to expect a Cena heel turn!

    • Gary Robert

      You don’t think a Cena heel turn would cause a massive spike in viewership and interest? I do. They could sell just as many anti-cena shirts as they sell baby face shirts now.

      • Bob’s Diner

        But… he already is a heel; 60% of the crowd boo him. Sometimes more.
        Until he gets the win and then everyone cheers

        • Gary Robert

          I mean heel in the true sense of story line. Not the fact that most adults in the arena hate his character.

      • John

        You really think adults are going to purchase anti-cena shirts at the same rate as the younger fans are buying all the current Cena merchandise? Any report i read on merchandise sales point out that Cena is miles ahead of anyone in the company, including both CM Punk & Daniel Bryan when they were both super over with the audience. I agree that interest in the product from a ratings standpoint would increase, but a Cena heel turn would kill merchandise sales in my opinion.

  • Bunny Man

    I can actually see Rusev and Lana starting a feud with Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions or The Survivor Series.

  • Gary Robert

    smh @ Richard. The choice of lumberjack match doesn’t “lack logic.” It makes perfect sense as Ambrose feels Rollins keeps ducking him and running away–in a lumberjack match the point of the lumberjacks is to keep Rollins in the ring to fight. Now, that being said, it definitely wasn’t a “wow” moment when he revealed it. I was expecting something bigger like a HITC or at least a Steel Cage.