Original Plans For Curtis Axel Revealed

The original plan was for Joe Hennig to work as Curt Axel, as was evident in his debut titantron used on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw that you can view at this link. Somewhere along the line, the name was changed to Curtis Axel as there are plans for him to have a big heel push by being paired with Paul Heyman.

As we reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Axel's name is based on his father Curt and grandfather Larry "The Axe."

  • Joe

    I just don’t understand the ridiculous sounding names. The perfect opportunity to change it back to his real (better sounding) name, and they drop the ball again and change it to something equally pathetic.

    • Loren Goldstein

      It’s because the WWE can’t own his real name. 🙁 sad but true

  • Is it me, or would Axel Curtis sound better? Same for Daniel Bryant instead of Daniel Bryan.

  • Michael

    Should’ve been Axe Henning.

    • Gary Robert

      How did this get 7 likes? lol that name stinks

      • Michael

        Because the name is perfect he should’ve been called ” the perfect one” Axe Henning.

        • thepowerserge

          There is no N in the name. It’s Hennig. As for your idea for his name, I think it’s absolutely perfect…ly stupid.

          • larry hicks

            yeah just like your there is no N in his name, while 2 N’s stare right at u, go sit in the corner .Dunce.

          • thepowerserge

            Hey jackass! I was talking about the N everyone seems to place between the I and the G. His father and grandfather were Larry “The Axe” and Curt “Mr. Perfect” HENNIG!! I was only pointing out a simple grammatical error.

          • George Waldman

            Don’t you mean SPELLING error? Or, in keeping with the Hennig family tradition, don’t you mean SPELLIG error?

  • AK-1138

    Your American Hero… CURT AXEL!

  • jdl

    Wait, we’re calling the shortened version of the name Curtis as “original” plans? That’s ridiculous, are you really so desperate for news that you have to post something like this?