Original Survivor Series Creative Plans Revealed, Who The Favorite Is To Be Added To Team Foley But Why Triple H Is Against It, More Backstage News

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- While we haven't heard the creative plans for Survivor Series this Sunday, we have heard what the original plans were. We're told the original Survivor Series match was scripted to come down to Ryback and Daniel Bryan as the only two babyfaces left against all five heels. They were then going to have Ryback take out at least four of them to get him "way over." This was thrown out the window last weekend when Vince McMahon tore up the script.

- We're also told preliminary plans had John Cena going under to Dolph Ziggler. Again, this match isn't going to happen as first planned.

- The Miz is still one of the favorites to be added to Team Foley to replace Ryback but we're told Triple H is against a potential babyface turn.

  • thebops


  • Patrick Peralta

    if HHH doesn't want Miz to do a babyface turn…then if he is still added I ssee them having Miz turn on his team like Big Show did years ago at Bragging Rights.

  • ImAwesome420

    Miz would seem weird as a baby face. Im a huge fan of the Miz but i dont know how the crowd would react.

    • izblack

      I’d love too see Miz as a face personally, I think he’d be able too pull it off.

    • MonsterMike42

      I've seen the Miz work as a babyface at FCW shows. He'd be a pretty good babyface if given the chance.