Ortiz vs. Jackson Canceled, Eric Bischoff Update, TNA 24/7 Begins

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- Tito Ortiz vs. Quinton Jackson has been canceled. The fight, scheduled to headline Bellator 106 next weekend, was called off because Ortiz has a neck injury. The show is being moved from pay-per-view to Spike TV because of the injury, airing for free on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at 9 PM EDT. Both Ortiz and Jackson are crossover stars, working with TNA Wrestling as part of an agreement with Spike TV, Bellator and the wrestling promotion.

- While Eric Bischoff was noticeably absent from TNA Bound for Glory and this week's Impact Wrestling tapings, Jason Hervey was at both shows. I keep waiting for Bischoff to erupt on the Internet for reporting on his status on Twitter but so far, he's Tweeted nothing about it.

- TNA has uploaded several 24/7 videos of their talent here on YouTube. This is part of the new creative direction, where superstars are encouraged to film stuff themselves and send it in to the company to be posted.

  • smark calloway

    oh these ufc guys are such pus*ies..i mean how bad of a neck injury could it have been , for the fight to be postponed until just the next weekend..could you imagine if a wrestler went upto vince and said ” oh im sorry i cant headline wrestlemania i have a little neck sprain ” he would be laughed out of the business!..look at shawn michaels , who headlined wm 14 against austin and clearly had major back pain throughout the match ( he then had surgery shortly after the match and was out of wrestling for 4 years ) but he still appeared as advertised didnt he ?..or look at kurt angle at wm 19 against brock lesnar . he was in desperate need of neck surgery but he still wrestled that night despite the pain or consequences of the neck damage..or go back even further and look at mr perfect at summerslam 91 against bret hart. perfects back was screwed and vince offered to take the title off of him a few months before the match so he didnt have to wrestle that night. but no, perfect wanted to do the right thing and drop the title to bret in the middle of the ring that night , no matter how much pain he was in…and im aware that ufc is legit ( debatable) and wrestling is ” fake “but that makes it even more funny because arent ufc guys suppose to be real tough guys , but yet they let a little pussyfoot injury stop them , but yet the ” fake ” wrestler would suck it up and perform no matter what

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      Um, first off, I’d like to watch as you call Rampage or Tito a pu**y to his face. Second, the fight has not been postponed until just the next weekend; it has been canceled completely. The show that the Tito/Rampage fight was headlining is no longer a PPV; without the Tito/Rampage fight, it isn’t going to sell well anyway. Bellator decided to move the show to Spike TV.

      • smark calloway

        that makes it even worse!!..people brought the show just to see them fight and yet ortiz had no problem letting all of his fans down who had paid money to see him , with his little neck sprain “injury”..as ive said before if a wrestler is due to headline a big ppv like a wrestlemania there is NO WAY they would not make it, no matter what injury they have

        • WrestlingFan4Life

          I have never liked Tito. I have always thought he was too arrogant, and although he is a good fighter, he just could not back up his arrogance. That being said, I think he is doing the right thing, especially going into a fight with Rampage Jackson. It is hard to beat Rampage if you are 100%, let alone having any kind of injury. Since the show is now free on Spike, I presume those who already paid the PPV price will either get their money back, or be credited for the next Bellator PPV

  • Rus

    How is there any good outcome with TNA with having these 2 fight eachother anyway, I don’t watch TNA but isn’t this both Titoand Rampages 1st match or atleast first PPV

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    Hmmm, Eric Bischoff doesn’t show up at Impact on Thursday, and the viewership numbers increase. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!