Orton Cashing In, Unifying WWE & World Titles, Angle, Big Show At SummerSlam, WWE's PG Programming

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Note from Richard: As most of you are aware, we don't normally run Ask WNW on Saturday. However, I was unable to get a new installment up on Friday due to the fact I was traveling so this is a brand new installment for today. Ask WNW will resume as normal on Monday, August 12, 2013. Thank you for your support!

Given the high level of tension now between Vince McMahon and Daniel Bryan AND the company's goal of demonizing Randy Orton, wouldn't it make sense for Randy to intervene in the Cena-Bryan match in a way that would clearly cost Bryan the title and then cash in his briefcase and take the title himself?

Yes, this pretty much goes along with the obvious scenario that puts Daniel Bryan over John Cena and cashes Randy Orton in (both figuratively and literally) as a heel at SummerSlam. The idea would be Bryan is over huge and the fans are thrilled only for Orton to come out and make the night all about him. It's been brought up backstage but this seems a tad obvious at this point. I agree it makes complete sense and would help all parties but WWE tends to avoid the obvious more often than not.

With the brand extension over, why not unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships and create an Undisputed Champion?

Unifying the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship belts would create less opportunities in the top of the card and I push back whenever the idea of unification is suggested. If WWE wanted to unify titles, why not unify the WWE Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship? The latter doesn't hold near as much value and perhaps this could operate as a catalyst to rebuild the prestige of the IC title. People that push for the unification of the world titles are often the people tired of the same people dominating the main event scene. If WWE were to scrap the World Heavyweight Championship this problem would only get worse, not better.

It looked like Kurt Angle needed stitches above his eye after his match on this week's Impact Wrestling, did he?

Kurt Angle suffered a cut above his left eye but I can't confirm it required stitches to close. It was a bad night for Angle as he ended up getting arrested following the tapings [in Wichita Falls, Texas] on the charge of Driving While Impaired. TNA will have to explain Angle's absence from television on next week's Hardcore Justice episode of Impact as he's currently getting treated in a rehab facility. Dixie Carter has made it clear that the number one priority at this point is Kurt's health and nothing else.

Will Big Show and Mark Henry be on the SummerSlam lineup? If so, what will they be doing?

The plan was to do Big Show & Mark Henry, as babyfaces, against The Shield. The holdup has been over Show's medical clearance. The last I heard he's good to go so if WWE is going to go forward with it, expect an announcement on next week's episode of Monday Night Raw. It's interesting to note that Show has been at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando where he has been rehabbing the injury. This is a major attraction of the new state of the art facility as it not only provides a place to train up and coming talent but a place where current stars can go to rehab their injuries and WWE can monitor them. As far as I know Big Show is the first WWE talent to be able to utilize the Performance Center for this purpose.

What do you think of Mick Foley agreeing that going to PG was a good thing for WWE?

I haven't been thrilled with WWE taking their PG programming too far but the move as a whole makes sense. When it was done the economy was faltering and Vince McMahon wanted to gear the product towards the entire family. He also wanted to make sure the company had the ability to attract premium sponsors that were able to buy ad inventory when the economy was in a down turn. People that complain about the ratings and viewership would be best suited to comb over these numbers. Let's also note that "Total Divas" has a rating of TV-14, which shows WWE has the ability to step out of the PG commitment when needed.

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  • Josh Cannon

    Looks like sheamus is going to be the second star to rehab at the proformance center.

  • Austin

    “WWE tends to avoid the obvious more often than not” but have they really been recently?

    • Well, yes and no. Wrestlemania (Undertaker, Cena & Lesnar) was pretty much by the book but I think a lot of people were surprised over Orton winning the briefcase to begin with. We’ll see what happens.

      • PFA56

        Richard I’m afraid I must disagree with you on the title unification question.
        As a wrestling traditionalist I feel its completely illogical to have 2 “World” titles in 1 promotion.

        • TheBigKing1

          If they end this brand extention bullcrap, then it would be ok…but that’s just one of the reasons why it feels weird. Before, Smackdown and Raw were two different shows with different performers…now it’s just the same thing, with the same ol people. So that’s why everything feels weird.

  • Ian P.

    Sorry if I missed something, but are we talking kayefab tension or real life tension with VKM and Bryan?

    • I took it as the reader was speaking in kayfabe to describe the angle/scenario. However, if need be, there is no real life tension between Bryan and Vince. Vince is high up on him regardless of what you may hear outside these walls.

      • Ian P.

        Thanks for clarifying. I thought so.

  • Robert Olley

    Lost count of how many times people have asked the title unifying question.

  • jackkedx10

    Seems like the World Heavyweight Title has become what the IC was back in the days.

    • PFA56

      Yeah why can’t they unify the world titles and re elevate the ic belt as the no 2 title the upper and main cards wouldn’t change or get worse like Richard seems to think it would be exactly the same.

  • steve pritchard

    I think it makes a lot of sense for Orton to cash in at summerslam . Even though it is a tad obvious at this point . It’s still a good idea! By doing this they leave lots of different paths to lead to survivor series. Which makes me think summerslam and survivor series could be chock full of suprises .

  • Dan

    I just want to say I agree with Richard as far as having 2 world titles. If you notice, the WWE Championship is the MAIN belt and the World Hvywght is the 2nd belt. If WWE unifies those belts then people like Orton, Sheamus, ADR, & other main eventers whose chasing those 2 belts ie Bryan would be going after and winning the IC title. While it could benefit the current midcard superstars, it could also make them diminish off the scene. I agree that IC and US champs should unify. You never see them defended really. Unify those titles and then actually get some tag team competition.

  • K!ng

    Sometimes the most obvious thing that could happen in wrestling is the best thing that could happen as long as its pulled off correctly.

  • Some of you make outstanding points about championship titles and prestige and honor and value but I’m not sure we’re watching the same WWE. If you take away the World title, you have Cena’s belt then everyone else. No opportunities for people like Christian, Ziggler, etc. Be careful what you wish for…

    • keyon

      Do you not feel that wwe is lowering the prestige by having Del Rio face Christian 2 times before their match? Also Del Rio have lost both matches and lost to RVD

      • Tim

        Del rio in general lowers the prestige

        • Keyon

          I some what agree his “destiny” gimmick and baby face run was good this heel turn is pointless and boring

  • Herman Tank

    If they unify the two world titles, we’ll all be complaining how so-and-so should be world champion because he deserves it. With only one title get ready for Orton, Punk, and Cena to be the exclusive holder of said belt. Kinda like how Hogan, Savage and the Ultimate Warrior were the only ones allowed to have the belt.

  • Matt

    There are no longer 2 world titles in WWE. You have the WWE title that is top belt. Then there is the World Heavyweight Championship the no 2 belt. What i think they should do is keep those then unify the US and IC belt and name the winnner the TV Champion. This way a mid/upper card talent could then be on RAW,Smackdown,NXT and everyother show the WWE has. Then once a week the TV champion has to defend the title on a rotating schedule of shows.

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      Having a television champ only works if he defends it each and every week. Having him rotate shows is an excellent idea; it would help draw viewership. Remember when there was only the WWE title, and the champ rotated between Raw and Smackdown? He didn’t belong to either brand; he would show up on whichever program his current challenger was a part of.

  • JJ

    Just have Henry retire…this is just sad. He has almost no draw, there are plenty of big men, and more can be brought in. Henry hasn’t been a good face since sexual chocolate and that’s a stretch. I already called the Randy scenario, it’s going to happen either DB winning or Randy distracting, then a probably cash in.

    • TheBigKing1

      Speak for yourself bro. Just because you’re not a fan of Henry, doesn’t mean everybody else isn’t. Wasn’t just the last Smackdown, the whole crowd was screaming “We Want Henry”…so that knocks your “opinion” out the water. Try again…

      • JJ

        Ya just shows how stupid the fans under 15 are. Come on; there are so many better talents, big men and prospects that can be brought it worthy of more.

  • Winnipeg

    Omfg, how many times does Richard have to answer the question about unifying the world heavyweight tittle & WWE title. Let me see,
    March 13
    April 29
    April 30
    August 11th
    How about another 4 or 5 times this year?
    Come on Richard!

  • Justin Lal

    We shouldn’t assume that fans will boo Orton if he cashes in on Daniel Bryan. If this event was in the East Coast that would be a different story.

  • Cheddar

    In my opinion, there are too many belts. For example, back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s you had the WWF Title, Intercontinental, European, Tag Team, and Women’s Championships. Each one of those belts had around 6-8 people who would be in the running to fight for it. Now, anybody can just get a shot or a match against somebody who was a belt because there are too many belts.

    People seem to think giving a guy a belt will make them a star, and I think that’s why they have so many belts because they are trying to take the easy way out by saying “Oh, let’s slap this belt on so and so and they will get over” as opposed to letting a person try to get over themselves.

    Wrestling has just changed so much over the past few years. It’s basically a twitter plug. What are they going to do when Twitter dies like MySpace did?

  • Jay El Bee

    Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think that Orton costing Bryan or beating him for the title will turn him heel, he has already attacked Bryan numerous times in the past month or 2 and was cheered every single time. Even Kane was cheered and had the crowd chanting “Do It” when he threatened to chokeslam Bryan about a month ago, and he is nowhere near as popular as Orton is.