Orton's 10-Year Contract, Wrestlemania Crowd, Punk Over Undertaker, Dirt Sheet, Premium

With Randy Orton somewhat forgotten in WWE do you think he'll join TNA Wrestling in the near future?

No, Randy Orton isn't going to TNA. He has a massive 10-year contract with WWE that he is only a few years in. When he had his latest Wellness slip-up, there was some discussion about what to do with him but no one wanted him delivered on a silver platter to TNA Wrestling. The feeling was his main event days may be behind him and while I was reluctant to believe it, it's clear Orton is no longer the "1b" behind John Cena. He is still prominently featured on WWE television and could always receive a big push if/when he regains the trust of Vince McMahon and Triple H.

I was wondering if you think the New York/New Jersey crowd will be the best Wrestlemania crowd in awhile. I don't even think WWE has had an event in NY in a bigger venue than MSG. Do you expect the Metlife crowd to live up somewhat to the MSG crowd?

The crowd for Wrestlemania 29 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey will be massive and will probably be very loud, however, there is no way it will compare to a crowd at Madison Square Garden. While running in stadiums provides a unique opportunity in terms of size, it can't reach the same decibel level because it's not enclosed. While I realize New Orleans isn't New York/New Jersey, I'm already looking forward to Wrestlemania's return to the Superdome. That should be a very loud crowd.

While I actually agree with your argument of CM Punk over The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29, I may have another plausible outcome. How about Undertaker over Punk clean at Wrestlemania then Undertaker goes under the following night on Raw? The streak would remain intact and Undertaker could pass the torch.

This operates under the assumption Undertaker would be physically able to work back-to-back and given his health, I don't think that's something that can be counted on. Furthermore the massive rub of Punk ending "the streak" would be where the torch would be passed. A victory the following night on Raw (a la Dolph Ziggler over Jericho on Raw after SummerSlam) wouldn't hold the same significance. Undertaker has lost before, what's another TV loss going to do? Perhaps I'm holding on to a small glimmer of hope but I put Punk over Undertaker at Wrestlemania, ending the streak and giving WWE something to build on for the future.

When is Dirt Sheet going to be available for iPhone/iPad?

Dirt Sheet is still "Waiting For Review" in the Apple App store. The status will change to "Under Review" and then there will be a decision from Apple - "Approved" or "Rejected." We feel the App will be approved but at this point, we are at their mercy. We're hoping Apple will release the Dirt Sheet some time this week. As for an update on how things are going in Google Play, we're closing in on 1200 installs and have received rave reviews. If you have an Android device, install now for free. You won't be disappointed - I promise!

When is the next WNW Premium special?

This is the second site-related question we've received multiple times lately. We're running an awesome Premium special of $4.95/month today. We can't run the special on a permanent basis so I invite anyone looking to take advantage of to do so now. You can select it upon signup at this link.

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  • No. The streak should never end.

    • It’s perfectly OK to hold this opinion. I just want to know why. Interested in the argument here.

      • lee

        Richard if they end the streak they’ll probably downplay the next night on Raw & all they’ll be talking about is how a epic Cena’s victory over The Rock was

        • Dc

          Here is the problem with almost every wrestling fan….they don’t know how to let go and move forward. And if they let go, they do it kicking and screaming. Guys let go

          • lee

            What do you mean Let go and move forward, it doesn’t matter to me if it’s broken or not.

      • lll

        Ending the streak wouldn’t ruin Undertaker’s career but it will ruin the Wrestlemania legacy. Putting CM punk over will give him a big boost to advance his career. Honestly I don’t know which way WWE will go.

      • The streak is Undertaker’s legacy, that’s why. When people look back at Ric Flair’s career they will instantly think about his many reigns as World Champion. When people think back at Steve Austin they will remember how he changed the business with all of his hell raising. When people think about Shawn Michaels they will remember all of his WM moments. Other than the streak what will fans remember Undertaker for? WWE has spent so much time on the streak that it has become apart of his identity. If he loses the streak he loses his identity and legacy. Fans will remember the one blemish instead of the 20 victories. That’s not fair to The Undertaker. Also, if someone was to ever end the streak it should be done by someone who has failed once before, because that just adds to the prestige of the streak and Taker.

        The right way to go for WM 29 is for CM Punk to put one hell of an effort against Taker without taking any shortcuts — no Shield, no Heyman, no shenanigans. Fans will respect Punk for this and it will start the slow face turn for him. There were reports that WWE wants to do a Brock/Punk feud. Punk would need to be the face in that feud and WM 29 is a good place to start the turn. When Brock/Punk feud Heyman needs to be in Brock’s corner because Brock can’t cut a promo — Heyman needs to do the talking for him while Punk can clearly put himself over. CM Punk needs to go back to being a face. His long title reign was important in getting the fans to respect him. Now he can be the #1 face in the company. As for John Cena, I believe there is a chance he will get help in defeating The Rock at WM 29. This will start his heel turn.

        • Xavier

          I thought the same thing actually as far as a Punk face turn/Cena heel turn goes. I believe there will be a swerve in Cena/Rock 2

          • Same here. If Cena was to ever go heel he would need to do it against a super-over babyface. There isn’t a more over face than The Rock. WWE can’t let this opportunity slip away.

        • B-Swagg

          I agree, i think that even having Taker go over in a epic match and then raise Punks arm at the end for a valiant effort would be passing the torch in a different way of sorts.

      • Win

        The undefeated streak is tied directly into the Undertaker’s legacy. At this point, it is his legacy. Look how many questions you get get pertaining to the streak on a monthly basis. People aren’t even asking for the Undertaker to return to full-time action, as long as he’s a shoe-in to defend his streak, successfully at Wrestlemania. When fans comment on the Undertaker we don’t reference title reigns, nor rivalries, but the streak. They’re synonymous. If someone should ever beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, they themselves should probably never be booked to lose at Wrestlemania ever again, being they’ve done the unthinkable. It’s asking too much. U beat the Undertaker, then lose to whom following years after that? Who should beat you at a Wrestlemania after you’ve pinned the Undertaker?! Undertakers undefeated streak should go into the history books as a once in a lifetime occurrence. Just like Hogan slamming Andre. Jus like Bret and Shawn’s Iron Man Match. Just things that can’t be duplicated and should never be altered.

      • Andrew Ace

        For years you been against anyone ending streak because you said Undertaker has earned the right to retire undefeated at Wrestlemania. Why go against YOUR words now?

        • Xavier

          Because now it involves Richard’s and the Internets’ favorite wrestler CM Punk.

      • Dude

        At one point Taker wanted “Legend Killer” Randy Orton to end his WM streak if I am not wrong. Just think for a second – had that happened and then Randy screwed up his career with wellness policy violations like he did recently.

        You can never guarantee that CM Punk would remain relevant in 8 years from now. Taker is a once in a lifetime talent. No matter how much we all respect and support you (Richard), I am sure most of the guys here will not agree with you.

        Undertaker has earned the right to remain undefeated in WM. I just hope VKM doesn’t read your post and think, “what a brilliant idea! let punk go over taker”

      • cobra

        If done correctly can’t a loss be more valuable than a win sometimes. Look at Wrestlemania 13, Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart, didn’t the loss to Bret Hart help out his career more than a win ever would have.

        • Snap

          It wasn’t losing to Bret that was a benefit for Austin, rather it was how Austin refused to give up and the match was AWARDED to Bret because Austin passed out while in the Sharpshooter. It’s probably the greatest double turn WWE has ever executed.

      • B-Swagg

        CM Punk is a great wrestler, great on the mic and WWE’s #1 heel but his legacy is yet to be determined. If WWE legends like Shawn Michaels and HHH couldn’t do it then I don’t think they should let Punk go over the Undertaker. Punk has not nearly accomplished himself to the level of Taker, but he is on the right path. To build up an accolade like 20-0 streak will probably never be done again, i doubt there will even be someone there for 20 years straight anymore so having Taker lose it would make it insignificant of such an incredible accomplishment.

      • I understand why you feel that Punk should go over because he is the only one in the company that is capable of being thought of as “the one” of ending the streak, but I feel that The Undertaker should be able to retire as being undefeated at WrestleMania because it’s the least he deserves and no one will be able to do such a feat again so it’s only right that it should always be a 0 on the end.

  • dragonicbeast

    so swagger gets arrested for marijuana and gets a world title match at mania but orton fails to wellness policys in 8 years and his main event career is over? wtf

    • ekkz

      “it was” his third strike

    • Tuma

      Swagger will receive his punishment after Wrestlemania.

    • Rishano

      total bullshit swagger makes a total joke of wwe by getting caught speeding and smoking pot after he just gets a major push. and orton gets his second strike after not getting in trouble for about 5 or 6 years and his main event carreer is over? wwe’s creative team is making supid decision since 2010. i would bet that in a couple of years veteren wwe fans who have been watching since the attitude era will not watch wwe anymore because wwe has become a complete joke these days

    • Jason

      I am thinking WWE was played by Swagger. I think he was smart enough to realize that once he was given the title shot, they would not revoke it for Wrestlemania, but let him wrestle through it. I am thinking WWE will suspend or fine him once he goes before a court and pleads guilty, which would be after Wrestlemania. Now, if WWE was going to put the belt on him, I don’t think they will do so any longer.

    • Snap

      As pointed out by the Marks for Xcellence podcast, under Article 14 of the Wellness Policy, Swagger SHOULD have been fired by now:


      Any WWE Talent, who is arrested, convicted or who admits to a violation of law relating to use, possession, purchase, sale or distribution of drugs will be in material breach of his/her contract with WWE and subject to immediate dismissal.

      In addition to the penalties that may be imposed pursuant to his/her contract with WWE, a violation of this Section 14 may also be treated as a positive test for drugs prohibited by this Policy and therefore, subject to the penalties set forth in Section 15 of this Policy.”

      It’s stuff like this which has people looking down on WWE, they would rather not risk a monkey wrench being thrown into their plans than actually following through their with their own policies. The very LEAST they could do is what they did when Orton received his first violation if they don’t want to adjust their plans, suspend him from all live shows and suspend his pay on all televised shows he appears on, up to and including WrestleMania.

      After all, “card subject to change.”

  • Chuck

    Awesome outcome idea. Cena comes out to cost Undertaker the streak with a chair shot. Everyone wins. Cena finally gets his heel turn, which would rival Hogans leg drop on Macho man. Punk goes over, and The Undertaker loses on a dirty finish.

    • Snap

      I don’t know, for one I don’t see why Cena would even care about Punk vs. Taker when he has The Rock and the WWE championship to contend with, whereas Hogan was always the mysterious “third man” in that encounter, while Cena would just be interfering in a match he had no business in.

      It might rival Hogan’s turn in terms of how important they are to their respective companies, but the execution wouldn’t be anywhere in the same league.

  • Jason

    Richard, can you do some sort of special for those of us that can’t pay out the $81 up front? I have to do the month to month because I can’t prepay multiple months in advance. But if something were offered with the 3 months, I might be able to.

  • Kris Mystery

    I don’t think Undertaker’s streak coming to an end will be that big of a deal really. So he loses one.. he will still have a streak of 20 straight Wrestlemania victories….a feat that will never be beat.

  • Such a long time for apple to review a simple app. One of the many reasons why apple is inferior to android/Google.

  • Ant

    Nothing compares to MSG. Wrestling, boxing, concerts, hockey or basketball games. No matter the event the garden is a special place. Granted I’m probably being bias because NYC is my home away from home but MSG is the best place to see anything. It did not get its nickname the mecca for nothing.

  • Adam

    I actually think ending the streak now will help Taker’s legacy, not hurt, and here’s why:

    When future generations talk about Taker, right now they would say “a career undefeated streak at WM”. If the streak ended this year, they would say “a 20 year undefeated streak at WM”. For Future generations who don’t know about his career, having an actual number on the streak vs. the word “career” carries more weight.

    My example, I’m 28, and I didn’t know anything about Bruno Sammartino before researching it online. Had he been attached with a “career Wrestlemania streak”, I wouldn’t hold that much weight to it cause I wouldn’t know about his career. But a “20 year Wrestlemania streak” automatically perks my ears because there is a number to reference

    • Win

      Wow! I honestly can say that is the most unconvincing explanation I’ve heard on either side of this argument.

      • Adam

        Really? Its simple marketing. You create a product that will compel your target audience to tune in. Since WWE isn’t a normal tv series (meaning they don’t have an end date, they hope to run forever), they have to create their characters to be appealing both now and in the future.

        From there, you have to consider the point of view of wrestling fans who haven’t seen WWE before 2013. They don’t know what kind of career that Taker had. So to hear a “career undefeated streak” isn’t the same as hearing a “20 year undefeated streak”. 20 years is a timeframe they can instantly grasp and put a point of reference to.

        So if I used a lot of big words or had a concept that was too big for you to comprehend, let me know. I can see if we can get a preschool teacher to put together a curriculum to walk you through the material slow enough to keep up with the rest of the class

  • Rikardo

    You’ve said it time and time again Richard: The Undertaker has earned the right to retire undefeated at Wrestlemania. It’s about paying tribute and respecting the most iconic Superstar in the history of WWF/WWE. Plus, if he looses this year what happens with the so much talked farewell match at Wrestlemania XXX?

  • Chris

    Why would wwe turn their number 1 guy heel, it would be a fans dream but wwe is a buisness and it’s not about what the fans want, it’s about making money

    • H.M.

      And the fans who want this give the money.

    • Snap

      That’s very true, but WWE isn’t just a “business” they are in the “entertainment business” and if they ignore what their (potential) customers are saying, it is not only horrible customer service but they could risk those customers tuning out and they could lose money.

      Take, for instance, the WWE Network. They could get it off the ground with a healthy number of subscribers, but let’s say those subscribers wanted any classic shows to be presented uncut and unedited (within reason, of course, as we know music rights can be cost prohibitive) but WWE butchers the content to remove anything involving Chris Benoit. If you’re going to pay a premium to watch a broadcast of WrestleMania XX, you’re going to want to see the entire show, right?

      So, in that scenario, the customers will see that they aren’t going to be getting what they want out of the WWE Network and cancel their subscription. WWE then begins to lose money on the venture and their shareholders aren’t going to like that because it means THEY are also losing money on their WWE stock.

      In terms of Cena, he doesn’t need to turn heel at all but he could use something of an overhaul on his character. He can still do that and remain the top guy and keep his appeal to the kids.

  • Brendan

    I think the biggest problem with Undertaker “passing the torch” to CM Punk is the fact that Punk himself has said that he doesn’t want to stay in the business for that much longer. Sure, breaking the streak would put Punk on another level, but is it worth it for Punk to ride that high for 2 years, when he’ll still be riding the coattails of John Cena?

  • Scott

    The Undertaker retiring undefeated at Wrestlemania is something that at rival such monumental feats as Bruno Sammartinos title reign, Ric Flairs 16 times as champion. Its something that will etch his legacy as something more “immortal” than Hulk Hogan. When he retires and is put in the hall of fame, he deserves his own wing! So many names have fallen to the Deadman and if such legends as HHH, HBK, Flair, Batista etc were not able to defeat him WHO is qualified on the current roster to pull this off? Taker deserves to retire undefeated at Wrestlemania for 20 plus years of busting his ass for a company that he has been a mainstay of! I know alot of “Punk lovers” will not like the fact that Im going to say this but its true….CM Punk does not have the right or the prestige to end the streak. With thay being said, John Cena does not either. Undertaker does not need to “pass the torch” to anyone when it comes to his streak as simply being in the match itself is the biggest rub anyone on the current can get. My advice to anyone who gets to face Taker at Mania is to soak it in, enjoy it, and learn what you can from one of the greatest WWF, WWE performers of all time!!!!

  • Rhodes

    What about an epic match between Taker and Punk with each lying on the mat with an arm draped over each other for a double pin Technically Taker would still be undefeated and Pink would not have lost

  • SmokeyRoberts