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Hulkamania Tour Results (11/28/09) - Sydney, Australia

Written by Dave on Nov 28, 2009 - 4:15:47 PM

Wrestling News World reader Dave sent the following report:

G’day from Sydney, I’ve just got back from tonight’s Hulkamania show at Acer Arena. This was supposed to be a brief, but detailed review, but hey, I got carried away.

The crowd for the show was pretty poor. The whole upper section was curtained off and there were plenty of empty seats around the lower tier. I’d estimate there were no more than 5,000 people in attendance, if that. Obviously two pensioners and a bunch of no-names don’t draw as highly as the WWE guys, who usually just about fill the arena. I was sitting opposite the entrance ramp, in line with the two left hand ring posts from my perspective about 25-30 metres from the ring in the 5th row of elevated seating. The merchandise available was unusual, they went with red writing on yellow background for the Hulkamania Ts and bandannas instead of yellow writing on red background; there were some other black T-shirts too, but just about all of them made reference to ‘FU’, incorporating it into the usual Hogan slogans, which I guess is some clothing company Hogan’s trying to flog. They had the big screen up behind the entrance ramp showing all the, with two smaller screens to each side showing the names of the wrestlers throughout the night. The entrance videos were just the wrestler in question doing a quick pose against the grey/metal background, then cutting to live feed from the camera crew.

The entrance music was rather unimpressive; just about all were boring generic metal songs, with a couple of boring generic hip hop songs as well; obviously because their old WWE themes are copyrighted. Ric Flair came out to an el-cheapo version of his usual theme to avoid copyright issues, and Hogan came out to his old WCW American Made theme.Jimmy Hart came out to talk to fans a few minutes before the show started. To start the show, the commentator said that they were filming for TV and want the crowd to go wild for the opening pyro (don’t know if you’ll see it in the US, but they’ll show it on ONE here is Aus sometime). They had a quick bit from the commentator, joined by Jimmy Hart.

First up was Sean Morley (Val Venus) vs Pimp Fatha (Godfather). Before the match, Venus went heel by not throwing his towel to the crowd and talked about his ‘next film’, Godfather came out with 4 rather plain looking chicks for his ho’s and challenged Venus that if Venus won, he could use his ho’s for free, but if Venus lost, he had to pay 3x the price. Godfather won after a fairly short uneventful match, the ref still made the 3 count even though Venus’ shoulder was well off the mat by the 2 count. Venus then replaced Hart on commentary.

Next up was supposed to be Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart vs ‘Rock of Love’ (I have no idea who they are). Rock of Love came out first and cut a heel promo. Both teams started brawling outside straight away and a double count-out ensued. They kept fighting their way out through the entrance.

Next match was Heidenreich vs Nick Dinsmore (still in Eugene gimmick/outfit). Vampire Warrior’s entrance video was mistakenly shown instead of Dinsmore’s. Another uneventful match which Heidenreich won after Eugene ripped off a rock bottom and failed with the people’s elbow. Heidenreich then replaced Venus on commentary.There was backstage video with the brawl continuing out the back, which made its way back to the ring. Hart announced it would be an Aussie street fight. No real wrestling here, as they just bludgeoned each other with chairs, baking trays, ‘wet floor’ signs and a paper-thin piece of wood the size of a table. Nasty Boys won.

Then they had Orlando Jordan vs Brutus Beefcake. Jordan came out first, went heel by calling Beefcake a dinosaur and did some lame dinosaur impersonation. Backstage again, where Jimmy Hart and Beefcake made some retort before coming out to the ring. It was another rather un-noteworthy match apart from Beefcake ripping a hole in the arse of his tights and Beefcake repeatedly doing the Flair strut and Jordan imitating him in a crippled manner (back to the lame dinosaur insults), don’t know what that was about. Beefcake won after locking in a sleeper and Jordan didn’t answer the 3 arm drops from the ref. He cut off a few of Jordan’s dreadlocks after the match.

We then had Junior Fatu (Rikishi)/Brian Christopher (Grandmaster sexay) vs Vampire Warrior (Gangrel)/Black Pearl. B.C. got beaten down in the ring for a while before finally making a hot tag to Rikishi. I can’t really remember what happened, but Black Pearl made the pin on Rikishi (I think), but got a post-match stink face for his efforts. Rikishi and B.C. stayed in the ring and danced for a while.

It was then intermission, which was when probably when the most entertaining ‘match’ took place. There were two fans only about 10 metres away and a few rows back dressed as The Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior (yes, he was only wearing yellow Speedos – aka budgie smugglers – as tights, boots, tassels on his arms, wig and Warrior face paint). The whole crowd was watching/cheering as they put on a better performance than the real wrestlers – their punches and holds were actually far more convincing and they made good use of a plastic replica IC title belt as a weapon too.

After the break was a bikini contest with 3 chicks I can’t remember. One of them won, a catfight broke out, they rolled all over the referee, then all turned on him and walked out together. Nothing interesting.

I think about now Eugene came out and went on commentary to replace Heidenreich. There was then a $25k ladder match between Shannon Moore and Spartan 3000. It was a fairly slow paced match without too many decent spots. A couple of good ones were a suplex off a ladder on the floor outside into the ring and a shooting star press by Spartan 3000 onto a ladder lying on top of Moore. Spartan won after tipping Moore’s ladder over sending him crashing down and grabbing the briefcase.

Mr. Anderson was out to do his usual bit, except when he reached up waiting for the mic to be winched down, nothing happened, he stared down the ring announcer who walked over and help the mic above his head for him to grab. He did the usual speech, but of course the crowd joined in by saying ‘MR KENNEDY’ instead of Anderson. These two drunk idiots next to me then spent the whole match in a shouting duel of ‘KENNEDY’ and ‘ANDERSON’. Uso (Umaga) was the opponent. It was a pretty solid and entertaining match, lasting a while. The ref got taken out a couple of times, preventing Kennedy from getting the win. Umaga won after quickly catching Kennedy with the Samoan Wrecking Ball then the Samoan spike.

Finally it was main event time. Eric Bischoff came out to do commentary for this one. They announced it as a no DQ match. Flair was out first with Lacey Von Erich to a lot of Woo’s obviously. Hogan was out next to a huge pop. The match went for at least about 20min, if not more. There was plenty of interference. Lacey tried choking and punching Hogan a few times then went up to the top rope, but got her dress pulled off by Jimmy Hart and she spent the rest of the match at ringside in bra and panties. At one point Hogan cracked Lacey’s and Flair’s heads together and Lacey went down to the mat and Flair did his trademark dive right into Lacey’s, er, ‘lady parts’. Hogan was busted open pretty early, and the same happened to Flair later on. There was a run in by Heindenreich and Orlando Jordan and maybe Val Venus (I can’t remember), who attacked Hogan. Hart waved to the back, and Nasty Boys came out to chase them off and beat up Flair a bit. Later on Umaga came out to attack Hogan, and Flair was psyching him up by giving him chops and punches. Hogan sent Umaga over the top rope after a little hulking up. Typical Hogan/Flair matches with Flair’s dirty tactics and a figure 4 and Hogan’s hulking up to take the win, with the big boot, but no leg drop though; I guess he’s too old. In terms of wrestling it wasn’t great, but hey, we gotta remember that their best days were well over 20 years ago. The match was more about the hype/drama of the clash of these two legends and having so much interference, rather than wrestling skills, which kept the crowd hot. Hogan of course hung around for about 5 minutes after the match doing his trademark posing.

Overall, the show as a whole was average, at best. All of the undercard matches were short, dull and boring, with no exciting in-ring action because all the performers were well past their prime or they were WWE rejects who couldn’t make it in the big time. The fans weren’t really into it probably because there was no ongoing storylines or titles meaning no emotional investment in any feuds, also they didn’t know who was face or heel until they came out and cut a promo or there was a video package, and because all the wrestlers were using their old and long-forgotten WWE gimmicks/personas with little tweaks like their ring names to avoid copyright lawsuits.

The crowd didn’t really warm up until there were a few decent spots in the ladder match, and they only really warmed up for Umaga/Kennedy because were still relevant from their WWE notoriety and because they probably are still good enough to be their, asides from their respective suspicious and sudden releases. The crowd was really into it by the time Hogan and Flair were on because it really was the only reason everyone was there and they were hot for the entire match. I was expecting the show to be an epic fail after reading the reports for the Melbourne show and up until the last 2 or 3 matches it really was worse than I expected. However the end of the night sweetened my mood, as Hogan/Flair was done well, so I went home happy.


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