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Jake Roberts Works Indy Event Intoxicated, Exposes Himself To The Crowd; His Opponent Justyn Time Gives WNW A Detailed Account Of What Happened

Written by Richard Gray on Sep 15, 2008 - 3:27:34 PM

For those that have not heard, Jake "The Snake" Roberts worked the Firestorm Pro Wrestling show on Saturday night extremely intoxicated. Footage of his match against Justyn Time has made its way onto YouTube and the popular celebrity gossip website TMZ. Justyn Time, Roberts' opponent, sent WrestlingNewsWorld.com the following account of what happened:
"what a f*ckn mess, to put it bluntly. i was schedualed to wrestle jake "the snake" roberts for firestorm pro last nite. heres the story. the whole story and the only story. i basically ending up babysitting jake. when i first got there, with my kids, i introduced myself to him and he seemed ok. he shook my sons hand and asked him if he was queer....probably cause mike didnt shake his hand "fully". he laughed, figuring hes ribbing him, so we went on our way. so a little bit of time went by and we went to the back and just basically were shooting the shit with john mcchesney....he kept sending boys to go and get him drinks.....no biggie, right....it gets better......soooo, j.c brings us all together for the meeting to discuss what is expected for the nite and then jake comes forth and gives his little speech, basically saying, we have a great opportunity to achieve something special tonite, not to blow it. dont do stuff thats not believable. his example was, him getting drunk with mcchesney and ending up with a midget and thats what he had to tell his girlfriend... anotherwards...its not believeable....the boys popped for his , seemingly sincere comments. well, he never fell through with his own words as he quickly deteriated into worthless piece of shit.....so, the v.i.p. session started and he went up to the front to do his merch. when he got back, he was a little bit more on the "toasted" side. slurring speech etc. so the next thing you know, we are in the back and hes dropping his shorts and walking with his "junk" out. funny shit. not! so he changes and we start discussing our match and hes nixing the idea i had, then he agreed, then he disagreed, then finally agreed. he was sweating beyond belief. he tells me, "get me somewhere cool." hes like standing outside swaying back and forth and then he finally settles on the hood of a car. he tells me, "dont leave me, dont let me fall, dont leave me.....". then he asks me where i live. i tell him and then he asks me if i can get him an 8-ball. then he tells me, hes had "25 shots". i dont know if he did or not, but numbers dont matter here. ..so i basically blow that idea off as he passes in and out. some fans come over and ask him for a picture. jake , says, "picture this," and grabs his crotch....im like, geez, what the f*ck am i gonna do with this guy? i can work with anyone, as long as they listen, but dude, wasnt havent it. so we make it back into the theatre where he starts to tell me what were gonna do again......which is NOTHING, like what we called earlier. then all of a sudden he spits out HIS FALSE TEETH!!!! they fall on the floor and hes out again. i look at vince and vince goes"theres ur boy!".... funny vince. so i grab my camera and take a picture of this. no one would believe this.....then during ray rowes entrance where he goes out with a posse, jake passes out on the floor and literally rolls over on his side and grabs one of the posses feet and holds on.....oh, boy.......i go tell jc whats going on and he calls his agent right then and there and was told"jake can still go when hes like that, dont worry"........what the f*ck....then jake wakes up only to think its our turn and when i inform him we still had 45 minutes to go yet, he starts screaming" f*ck him, im gonna kill him. motherf*ck...." jake goes out to the commentators table and starts doing screwed up stuff on the mic telling the workers in the match to go for it, or some shit like that. im not sure if he called shane taylor "N-WORD". but some say he did....he came back again in the back and he tells me, "just to kill me in the match, only if i dont kill you in 30 seconds, right now ." ok, now, im really getting pissed....i inform jc whats going on. i told him, jakes gonna go into business for himself if he doesnt get out there now. then before you know it, jakes walking down the isle towards the title match. jc scrambles and gets him to finally to the back. things are wayyyy outta control now. its just a matter of time. so now its match time...i go out first. whatever. then he comes out and does a promo. he starts talking about the radio interview he did and asks if anyone heard it. crowd popped a little bit. then he goes on about not being respected or some shit. he then starts asking questions to the motorcycles that were on stage, and yes, I DID say motorcycles. i grab a chair and sit, while i watch this all go down. he ends his promo and i jump him as he enters the ring. i hit him twice, he no sells. im like, f*cker!!! i take him to the turnbuckle and choke him. he yells. turnbuckle!!! so i take him and throw him head first into the turnbuckle. he no sells, so i popped him real good with a forearm shot, and he said "whats that all about!" i did it again, hitting him with a stiff forearm to get him to sell and i yell at him, "sell for me you son-of-bitch!!!" i throw him into the buckle again he falls i roll him over for a 2 count, he kicks out, i cover again tighter, and he yells i cant go, what do think im stupid!?" then i tighten down and told the ref to count this piece of shit out. 1-2-3!!!! 2 and half minutes of complete utter bullshit. i was so pissed i could of stomped him into oblivion. so basically, i did what i thought was best for us, firestorm, not jake. hes selfish and a disgrace to himself and this buisness. pinning him, means nothing to me, im not a mark, wins and losses dont matter to me, i get paid the same no matter what. but my point is, jake is a LOSER. not just by being pinned-for real--but all the fans saw what a REAL f*ckN LOSER LOOKS LIKE. AND THATS JAKE ROBERTS!!!!! then after the match hes calling me back in, cause hes pissed, well, then he proceeds to whip out his "junk" right there in the middle of the ring. there were sooooo many kids ther. my wife and my 5 yr old daughter and my kids were there. i was gonna kill this f*ck. then i cut my promo. whatever. jrocc comes out, to try to calm the matters some and get jake to DDT him and he no-sells jrocc also...jerrys pissed now, wants to fight. cuts the promo on him and then i jetted. 16 yrs in the business and i wrestled countless stars that have been "under the influence", but have been able to perform. i couldnt even carry him. what a joke. dont blame jc. firestorm, me or whoever, the blame goes on jake. hes a big boy now, and he cant handle life and this is what he gets. i personally apologize to all the fans, friends and family who had paid to see me work a "wwe legend" only to be pissed and disgusted by his behavior. people like jake are a dime a dozen and he deserves what comes to him. so, to you, jake roberts, i say, f*ck you, from the bottom of my heart!!!!"

Click here for TMZ's coverage of the incident.

Click here to view the match posted here on WNW from YouTube.

Richard Reacts: Wow - that is disturbing. Thanks to Justyn Time for sending Ryan Gray the full scoop of what went down. I thought that Jake Roberts was doing much better after his latest stint in rehab. Obviously he isn't doing any better and is on a steep downward spiral.


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