Outcome Of CM Punk vs. The Rock, 3 Possible Royal Rumble Winners, Jeff Hardy Back To WWE?, The End Of Smackdown?

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With the majority of the WWE Universe assuming The Rock will go over CM Punk on Sunday, how would you react to a swerve?

The first swerve that comes to mind would be for The Shield to cost CM Punk the WWE Championship but that is nothing more than speculation on my part. I haven't heard the creative plan for Sunday's WWE Championship match but that I feel it's necessary for The Rock to win the WWE Championship so he can defend it at Wrestlemania. Not putting the title on The Rock on Sunday would be a mistake. It's going to be more difficult with the WWE Champion working a part-time schedule, but live events will be hurt more than TVs due to Rock's insane schedule.

Who are your top three choices to win the Royal Rumble?

In no particular order I am picking John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback based on potential Wrestlemania matches. Jim Ross picked Cena or "someone like Dolph Ziggler" but I don't see the purpose in putting Ziggler over because he already has a title shot with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Fans probably wouldn't like Sheamus winning two years in a row but it would give him a bump at a time when he has to take a backseat to the part-timers. The same goes for Ryback, who could use the victory after some questionable booking in recent months.

With the TNA lawsuit over and his contract coming up soon, is there any chance Jeff Hardy returns to WWE?

I can confirm that WWE is aware of Jeff Hardy's contract status and they have sent out feelers to gauge his interest. I penned in an article on Richard's Backstage Blog earlier this week about WWE targeting the current TNA Champion. Back to Hardy's contract status, we detailed TNA's proposed deal here as there was a hang-up on an option for a third year. TNA wanted to sign him to a deal that would be two years guaranteed with a company option for a third year but Hardy was holding out. This was at a time when the lawsuit was ongoing so Hardy's power for negotiation is back. It will be interesting to see if he attempts to return to WWE or re-signs with TNA.

With the recent news of WWE eliminating separate Raw and Smackdown live events and Smackdown's deal with SyFy up this fall, what's the possibility of WWE ending Smackdown?

Vince McMahon knows the risk of SyFy not renewing Smackdown, which is one of the reasons why he is pushing so hard for the WWE Network. The company is content with their current television deals but do not want to be reliant on them should they not be renewed. Many observers feel the WWE Network is going to need a first-run show to spark the interest of subscribers, so as long as the WWE Network has clearance, it won't be a major problem. No one is thinking of ending Smackdown and the last I heard they are hoping to agree to a new deal with SyFy. As for the touring schedule, WWE likes the continuity between television and they want to reflect that on the road. They are looking for a name change for live events, which I guess could reflect a TV name change, but it’s one of those things we’ll have to wait and see.

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  • Max Akhteebo

    Thanks for answering question number one. I sent that question in early this morning, that scenario is exactly how I believe it may turn out. Having The Shield attack CM Punk and win via DQ. I believe this match will be second to last. In the 30 man The Rock wins. CM Punk faces The Rock at WM29.
    I think Dolph Ziggler will cash in at the Elimination Chamber and face whoever wins the initial EC WHC match. I’m thinking Sheamus wins then Dolph takes it. You know what I mean? Sheamus gets his rematch at WM.
    If The Rock wins the WWE Title I believe Ryback will win the 30 man. It all depends on which match is last. If the last match is the WWE Title then The Rock wins. If the WWE Title match is second to last CM Punk wins.

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      Actually all of your matches sucks. Rock vs Ryback? Guess that didn’t draw a dime. Sheamus vs Ziggler for the 404th time as one of the main attraction at WrestleMania? No thanks…

      • Max Akhteebo

        I never said that’s what I wanted to happen but that’s my prediction of what I think creative is capable of. I’m pumped for the ppv though. I hope it’s the best Rumble ever.

        • IcKeY

          It would be Rybak vs Big show or Sheamus vs Orton please guys read

    • Gary Robert

      Punk loses the title if The Shield interferes. Punk would then have to enter the RR as a surprise participant and win to set up a re-match to regain the title at WM (my hope)

    • Pluto

      It’s funny how people complain about the possiblity of Cena/Rock II at Mania then turnaround and say they wanna see Punk/Rock again only months apart from the 1st. Oh how the IWC cracks me up

  • Chris

    Am I the only one who sees a possible swerve being that Brock takes out Rock instead of The Shield, to keep the title on Punk and set up a Rock/Brock feud or even a possible Rock/Brock/Cena triple threat at Wrestlemania?

    • David

      In the words or word of Dean Ambrose “Nope” I see that happening as well

  • Dustyn

    I wonder if they would have The Rock lose in his match against Punk, and then have Rock enter the Royal Rumble match, win it, and go on to face Punk at WM, or have him start something up with someone in the Rumble match. There’s so many possibilites!

    • They don’t like putting superstars in a 2 matches.. so I’m pretty sure there is 100% chance this will not happen.

      • Dustyn

        Actually this year, Team Hell No & Team Rhodes Scholars is on the card, as well as The Miz vs Antonio Cesaro (the pre-show) and all of them are in the RR match.

    • Pluto

      Why would they do Rock/Punk at Rumble thn do it again at WM. That wouldn’t do anything too garner interest.

      • Kleck

        The Rock/Taker/HHH/Lesner/Cena/Punk at WrestleMania is enough to garner interest

    • Mick

      Like your thinking I was thinking opposite with punk losing title and then winning the rumble.

  • Mubarak

    Did you notice the wwe tour ad after sheamus match on smackdown 26/1/2013? It said punk will defend the title against ryback in Doha in Feb. Means rock wont be champion at that time! if rock loses…all the hype would become a joke…the rock would become a joke..i really hope the writers dont screw this up

    • Razmos

      All cards are subject to change, they are not going to give away the Rumble main event result before it even happens are they? Only way Rock loses is Brock costing him or some other screwed up finish, this will lead to Rock winning at EC to defend at Mania, if Cena wins Rumble i some how see Cena trying to help get the strap on Rock so he gets his rematch at Mania

      • Eloy

        Or if my last prediction is wrong… Cena loses his RR match… and screws Rock out of title so that neither can “Main Event” WM… leads to Cena/Rock 2

      • -|AZ|-

        ^ this ain’t a bad idea.

        Start the show with rumble, let Cena win. Then the scheduled matches, in between an interview backstage with Cena asking him which title will he pick for WM29 and he’ll reply “You’ll know at the end of the show” and in the WWE c’ship match Cena causes distraction which results in the Rock winning.

        Who’s with me on this one?


      • They’ve done it by accident over the company’s history. They had to withhold a month’s issue of WWF (at the time) magazine, because it featured the Ultimate Warrior with the world title before he won it.

  • Eloy Tijerina

    So, I just saw the Smackdown taping on DVR…. AND IT HIT’S ME!! CM Punk (in storyline’s of course) has no clue that the Shield was hired by Heyman to help him. As was Maddox. As will Lesnar this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. I see Punk retaining, even maybe past Wrestlemania. It will eventually lead to Punk vs Lesnar for the title. Can you imagine if Punk can pull off going from face- to heel- and back to face again in one title reign???? It’s the same freaking storyline from Rocky 3!!!!!!!!!

    • Gary Robert

      I thought about the same thing insofar as him reverting back to face again all int he same reign which I think would be cool. I feel he works best, as good as he is as a heel, as a anti-hero of sorts similar to Austin. The Rock win is inevitable unfortunately, I think. I like your idea that Heyman is behind all of this without Punk truly having a clue.

  • Mrsnaps

    I have to disagree with where you say that not putting the belt on the Rock would be a mistake. Cena vs Rock 2 at WM will draw huge weather the WWE title is attached to the match or not. Not putting the belt on the line between Rock and Cena allows for an additional “money match” at WM. Leaving the belt out of Rock vs Cena creates another selling point, in the form of a WWE title match. Like I said, Rock vs Cena is going to draw regardless, it would be pretty foolish to me to narrow the card for essentially no legitimate reason.

  • Mrsnaps

    By the way how come nobody thinks the finish sunday will have something to do with Brad Maddox? They already planted the seeds for this on raw with Maddox being taken in by Paul Heyman. WWE did a pretty good job making fans forget this, though, by turning the attention onto the Shield shortly afterwards, and setting the anti-shield stipulation to the match.

    • I waited for the Ref to get knocked out to have Moddox come in with his ref shirt. Didn’t happen 🙁

  • I feel the three names announced. For the rumble win. Would be huge let downs. Have someone else win it like Daniel Bryan or wade Barrett. Sheamus has fell to the boring side. Now that he is a face. Ryback shouldn’t win. I don’t enough of him has been show to main event wrestlemania, plus John cena is the last guy needing to win this. Give it to a star that deserves it. Like the ones I said earlier.

  • Mick

    The thing is all this speculation could mean nothing there is still a chance of a title change, or different feud there is still elimination chamber ppv.