Owen Hart A WWE HoF Snub, Aces & Eights Revealed, The Top Star Behind John Cena, Laurinaitis Proves His Resilience

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Since Bret Hart and Vince McMahon have been able to have a working relationship for the last few years, why hasn't Owen made the Hall of Fame yet? He has enough credentials to make it and was one of the best in-ring workers from 1993 until his tragic death in 1999.

It's hard for me to answer questions that relate to Vince McMahon's mindset because with Vince you never know, however, I don't think it's Bret Hart that has caused Owen Hart to be a Hall of Fame snub. Owen's widow, Martha Hart, filed and won a wrongful death lawsuit against WWE after his death and still has pending litigation against the company over unpaid royalties. When WWE uses the likeness of Owen Hart they have to compensate Martha and that doesn't seem to be a desirable thing to do after they have paid her millions.

Who are the Aces and Eights and when will they be revealed?

There are four names I can confirm have taken part in the group. Those names are Mike Knox, Luke Gallows, D-Lo Brown and Wes Brisco. D-Lo isn't expected to be a full-time member and the rumored name to be the leader of the group is Jeff Jarrett. As for when their identities will be revealed, I'm under the impression it's imminent.

Is CM Punk still the number two behind John Cena with Randy Orton back?

I heard prior to Randy Orton's suspension that CM Punk had surpassed him as the number two guy behind John Cena and when Orton was suspended, that position was sealed. However, from what I'm seeing now, I do not believe WWE has given up on Orton and may in fact just have been trying to scare him. WWE had replaced Orton with Punk on Smackdown live events but with Orton back, Punk is back touring with Raw and Orton is already working in the top of the card in Smackdown (as he was expected and as we had reported).

It seems that every dark match main event after Raw features John Laurinaitis. What is the reasoning behind this?

WWE is trying to squeeze every bit of heat they can out of the John Laurinaitis character. Vince McMahon was very pleased with how Big Johnny got over and they've used him in dark match main event situations and at live events. Once described to me as one of the most resilient people in the business, Laurinaitis was able to keep a job as a WWE official as a producer after essentially being forced out of running Talent Relations by Triple H.

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  • smithmiester

    I’d like to see the aces and eights keep thier identities under wraps a bit longer otherwise it’s just four nobody’s.

  • Christ 4 Life

    Laurinaitis just needs to be fired…. OFFICIALLY! His charcter sucks IMO.

  • Logan_Walker

    I Think that everyone in the Talent Relations Department was hired by Triple H, why does he not like him ?

    • CrankyVince

      His contract was picked up after the WCW buyout I believe. I don’t think HHH hired him, but if he did. I don’t believe HHH necessarily dislikes him, but more dislikes how he was running talent relations.

      • Logan_Walker

        i know but i mean all the new people in Talent Relations was hired or chosen by Triple H, and i thought that Vince liked John L. and i was trying to say it seems like triple H was forcing Johnny Out of Talent Relations, well for not being able to sign a contract for John Morrison/ get an update and not being able to get CM Punks Contract working untill the end and not really signing up any new talent

    • 10secondGTR

      It doesnt matter what you think!!

  • Dre

    Hopefully one day Martha will allow Owen in the HOF. Also, Aces and 8's are going to be another TNA disappointment just like the "THEY" angle.

  • Richard

    I kinda threw up when Richard used the term “squeeze”. He has a weird way with words. Lol.

  • Sarcastic Smark 2.0

    Oh, John Cena's time is now? Must be right after Vader time, but just before Clobberin' time

    • Chris

      If I remember right John cena time was years ago When he could still be an angry body mass of muscle and rage

  • Tony P.

    Owen hart sucked as a wrestler. He never could get out from under his brother’s shadow. Hope he never gets into the hall of fame.

    • bejealous

      You obviously don’t know your wrestling history very well. Do your homework before making such a blasphemous statement

      • Tony P.

        I been watching wrestling longer than u been alive fool. I know my history and imo bret was better and owen was a nugget.

        • kbunyon

          Owen was a much better technical wrestler. Go watch their work. It's obvious.

          Talking age between people who don't know each other makes a lot of sense.


          • Tony P.

            Just cuz you wstched a few youtube videos of him, you think you know how good he was. He was ok at best but not on the level as Bret. You said owen was a jokester. Jokes didn’t get him a world title, it got him killed. I was there when he crashed and burned. The guy was never goimg to get that push he wanted so why should he be in the HOF?

        • Miles

          Obviously maturity does not come with age in some people?

        • bejealous

          While you’re at it, learn some grammar

    • kbunyon

      Owen Hart was a much more accomplished wrestler than Bret ever was. Bret had an outward charisma that his brother didn't have, even though in a closer setting, Owen was quite the jokester. From what I've heard and read, Owen was the one to instigate quite a few practical jokes while traveling and in the locker room. Actually, he instigated some practical jokes that happened in the ring.

      That he didn't have the flash of Bret does not mean he wasn't a great wrestler. He absolutely deserves to be in the HOF, not that we have any say in the matter anyway.


      • Wes

        Making him a joker doesn’t mean he was more accomplished than Bret. Sure Owen was good but really come on not more accomplished than Bret.

        • kbunyon

          What I was getting at is that Owen did have charisma, just with a smaller group that the huge group of fans who watch the WWE.

          All you have to do is watch and compare the actual wrestling. Owen was a much more accomplished technical wrestler than Bret was, and was commonly accepted by most in the industry. Owen might not have had the big title matches that Bret did, but his actual skills were much better than Bret's. Okay, better than Bret's except for one move that Owen hit terribly wrong and broke Austin's neck.

          Go watch some of Owen's matches. He always leaves me in awe at his skills.


          • The arbiter

            I think saying owen was much more accomplished than Bret is Hyperbole.

            Owen had a more innovative modern style, whereas Bret has a classic grapplers style. Both were fantastic wrestlers and technically brilliant. Both told great stories in the ring. I think by dissing Bret you are doing him a disservice. I think both should be in the HoF.

        • Anand

          Accomplishment isnt only about the number of titles someone held. In the Pro Wrestling industry it is about how much respect you earned from people. If you count the number of WWE title reigns Shawn Micheals isnt close enough to John Cena or even Randy Orton. But seriously do you even want to say that these two guys are better than Shawn? No way.

          Owen was a fantastic wrestler and deserves his place in the WWE HOF just like any other legend who has entertained fans in the WWE. He just did not have any lengthy title reign with any of WWE's major titles thats all. That does not take anything away from him..

          Have you even watched Owen perform in the ring before making such comments? Have you seen the Bret Vs Owen hart matches? He was able to match Bret every step of the way and the matches they have had were nothing short of classics..

    • Bryant24

      Idiotic statement period end of story.learn wrestling history before u make suck a ridiculous statement

    • Anand

      Your hope is sure to come true because of the legal battles Mrs. Hart had/has with the WWE. But, I sure hope Vince and Mrs. Hart can come to a compromise to give the dead legend his rightful place in the WWE HOF.

      And – Someone who says Owen sucked as a wrestler has probably not seen even a single match of the great wrestler and are talking sh** just for the sake of doing so…

  • Ken

    Inducting Owen Hart into the WWE HOF, while deserved since Owen was a heck of a talent, won't happen any time soon. The HOF is too public a situation, too high profile. To induct Owen, the WWE would have to acknowledge Owen's death, and their own involvement in that death. If they don't acknowledge that, someone else out there would. Whilever Linda is off playing politics with the big girls and boys in the Senate, the WWE has to cover its backside. That means PG, vanilla Cena, and the erasing of Owen and Chris Benoit from WWE history.

    At least, that will be the case until Linda's lost so many times that she realises that political success is beyond her capabilities. Personally, I can't wait. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but everything wrong with the WWE right now is all down to Linda's Senate runs.

    • Goliath

      I couldn’t agree more I think it’s complete crap that we all have to suffer with a shotty product just because a McMahon thinks they can make it to the senate. Only thing that can make it worse is if she does win then well be stuck a PG WWE for the next 4 years

      • Ken

        No doubt some people whose names get highlighted in blue will say that the current product and Linda's Senate run have nothing to do with one another, but the connection is obvious and undeniable.
        The Attitude Era we all know and love came about because Vince nearly went out of business. The only thing he could do was shelve his silly family friendly circus product and start getting creative and edgy and controversial, and he became a billionaire because of it.
        Now he's lost half a bill maybe he'll wise up and return the WWE to what we know it can be, and what it always should have been. Continuing to support his old lady's quest for political relevance is only going to lead him to ruin.

    • John

      Chris Benoit deserves to have his name erased from history. NOTHING he did in the ring will EVER make up the fact that he killed an innocent child, his wife, and then himself. How could you even support Benoit after those despicable actions? Disgusting!

      • Phill

        Whilst I agree Benoit's actions were vile, I also believe he was suffering from serious mental health problems. I find it hard to hate him because I only know the man I saw in the ring, and the man I saw interviewed. Many of my favourite artists did indecent things, doesn't mean I can't appreciate their art. Its a separate thing. I suspect many wrestling fans feel the same. RIP the Benoit family

  • Tony P.

    Bret was a world champ and had great matches throughout his career. Name some great matches Owen had. Also, when was Owen a world champ?

    • Dave Barton

      Owen was a KotR, an IC, Euro & tag champ, and had great matches throughout his career. Name some great matches Johnny Rodz or Koko B Ware had. Also, when was Johnny or Koko a world champ?

      (yes, I'm mocking your ignorant post)

    • Chris

      Hey man how about this we bash your dead family saying they arent good enough for dirt? If you can’t see why owen deserves his spot, *opens door* then Plz shut up and get out. I’m only 22 and I know owen is better the Bret. Bret was a whiney little man who didn’t want to lose his title on his last day and leave with it and that didn’t happen. Same goes for Bret freaked out and started cussing on tv. Bret is a drama queen, and Owen should be in the hof. And hell with the match Owen messed up SCSA neck, Austin looked more worned out then he did with Bret, minus the blood.

    • bejealous

      Couldn’t agree more with the other people who spoke up for Owen. I don’t know how old you are, tony p, but I’m only 23 and have been able to appreciate owen’s wrestling skills since high school. If you think Owen Hart sucks do you love The Great Khali’s ring work? Seriously though, do your homework.

      • Chris

        Yea he has to love the look of tensai and khali.

  • sethpac

    Owen had great matches with Bret at WM X and Summerslam 94. Plus all his matches with HBK, Bulldog and HHH. His work in Japan was first rate, an excellent tag team wrestler and if not for his untimely death, he was going to be “the game” not HHH.

  • Herman Tank

    There's always a chance Owen could have been a world champ, just turns out his career was cut short.

  • Steve l

    Owen was a great wrestler amd ansolutely deserves a hof spot anyone who cant see that doesnt knpw wrestling. But I disagree that he was a better technical wrestler than Brett. Bret jad a lomger career amd never seriosly hurt amyone. Owen was more of a highflyer though.

    • Wainwright

      He really was only a high flyer at the Very End of his career…..
      To soon?

      • Brandon

        Don’t let Scott Hall hear you say that. He will ramble on and on incoherently. for an hour until he is escorted out by security.

  • Tony P.

    Look, you people have your opinion about Owen, I have mine. Owen IMO was never better than Bret at being a technical wrestler, was never a world champ. You say Owen was a jokester and look where that got him. You shouldn’t get upset over my opinion just because you liked him and I didn’t.