Dear Dixie, Wake Up!

For the past several weeks, Wednesdays was filled with my weekly series #TNANewsBooksImpact. That series is where I booked Impact Wrestling on what I would do with the show in regards to the TNA Wrestling roster and the current stories, as well as creating my own. However, as the weeks passed on by, I found […]

Corporate Reigns?

The main event at Wrestle Mania 31 will be a great match no doubt. It is going to be a perfect performance by all of the competetors in the match, whether it includes Bryan, Reigns, or both. Yet, there’s always a bigger picture than just the match itself, and I think I have a good […]

Ziggler’s Creative Direction?

If I were to ask you who the best all-around in-ring performer in the WWE was, what would your answer be, probably Daniel Bryan right? However a close second in my opinion is Dolph Ziggler. When Ziggler says he “steals the show” it’s so much more than a catchphrase, he really does go out there […]

Chyna-On The Road To Redemption

“Will she ever go into the Hall of Fame?” Such a simple, legitimate question asked of Triple H during his interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin. The “she” being referred to is former WWE Women’s Champion and two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, Chyna. I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted the firestorm H’s answer would spark. One thing […]

Randy Savage Welcome To The WWE Hall of Fame

So my first article got you guys talking, awesome! That is what I want! So I have not posted in a week and in that time, I sat and thought about what my next article would be about. Then it hit me, this is WrestleMania Season which means the Hall of Fame is right around […]

Raw Audience Rebounds Before WWE Fastlane

This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw garnered an average viewing audience of 3,997,333 viewers on the USA Network. Below is how the show did each hour: Hour one – 4,138,000 viewers Hour two – 4,026,000 viewers Hour three – 3,828,000 viewers The audience was up +339,333 viewers from the week priorAverage – 3,762,667 […]

Bobby Lashley Tells All In Lengthy Sit-Down Interview

Sharjeel Ahmed from the BBC did a lengthy sit-down interview with Bobby Lashley when TNA Wrestling was overseas on their 2015 Maximum Impact tour. You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below: WNW Contacts – Send News, Email Richard Gray, Premium Support, Ask WNW. Download our FREE App! Dirt Sheet […]

Triple H Promotes Fastlane In Latest Sit-Down Interview

Michael Cole’s latest sit-down interview with Triple H is now online at this link. You can also watch embedded in the video below: The above is fully intertwined with storylines heading into WWE Fastlane, specifically focusing on John Cena vs. Rusev, Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns and of course Hunter’s confrontation with Sting. Hunter said […]

NXT Star’s Stock Surging, Tag Teams Galore, Fastlane Booking, More Backstage News

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