Steve Austin Isn’t Boycotting Wrestlemania, Debunks Latest False Report

The hot false rumor on Steve Austin for the week is that he’ll boycott Wrestlemania 32 if Michael Hayes isn’t inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame over that weekend. Austin is calling BS, tweeting, “The reports of me boycotting #WM32 are once again, pure bullshit. The End.” Given that Wrestlemania 32 is in Austin’s […]

Matt Hardy Vacates TNA Championship

TNA Wrestling is running a post-Bound for Glory angle on social media where Ethan Carter III “filed an injunction” against Matt Hardy and as a result, he vacated the TNA Championship… in a YouTube video. Hardy’s “shocking announcement” is embedded in the video below: You can follow the angle at this link. Some readers may […]

Raw Audience Increases But Only Slightly

This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw averaged 3,378,000 viewers on the USA Network. That’s up an average of +48,000 viewers from the week prior (which was the lowest average viewing audience of 2015). Below is how the show did each hour: Hour one – 3,473,000 viewers Hour two – 3,494,000 viewers Hour three […]

Kofi Kingston As World Champion? Concerns For Undertaker And Lesnar? Divas Queen Of The Ring? Status Of Erick Rowan?

Do you think it’s too late for Kofi Kingston to become a WWE World Heavyweight Champion? If the scenario was right then I would say it’s never too late for anyone to become the World Champion. Look at Diamond Dallas Paige in WCW. He won their World Championship at the age of 43 years old […]

WWE Network Now Available Without Credit Card

We reported over the summer here on Premium that WWE planned to release WWE Network subscription cards at retail, so you could sign up without a credit card. Those cards are now available at Walmart, the company has confirmed. The cards are for a three-month subscription to the WWE Network and are the same […]