The Smackdown Breakdown – Welcome Back To Dudleyville

Hello again wrestling fans and welcome to another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. We’re coming into this week off a very hot week of wrestling action that all kicked off last Saturday with NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. You can read my full thoughts on the show here but in brief I thought that once again the […]

Smackdown Fallout: Dolph & Lana Earn A Vacation

Below are Smackdown Fallout videos following the airing of this week’s show: Dolph and Lana earn a vacation: SmackDown Fallout, Aug. 27, 2015 Becky Lynch and Charlotte roll on: SmackDown Fallout, Aug. 27, 2015 Download our FREE App! Dirt Sheet for iPhone, Android and iPad.

Traditional Buys For Battleground, Updated WWE PPV Buys Table

WWE Battleground did 76,000 traditional pay-per-view buys, according to the latest update to WWE’s Key Performance Indicators. 24,000 of those buys were domestic with the remaining 52,000 being international. Traditional pay-per-view buys no longer mean what they once did with the evolution of the WWE Network but we’ll include the updated table below: Royal Rumble […]

Rich Brennan Joins Smackdown, WWE Remembers Dawkins, Emma’s Niece

– Rich Brennan officially joined the Smackdown broadcast team on this week’s episode. Brennan is a WWE NXT call-up but formerly worked for Booker T’s “Reality of Wrestling” promotion. Prior to his time in WWE, Brennan worked as a sports announcer and was a sports anchor for KGBT-TV in Harlingen, TX. Dot com welcomed him […]

Kayfabe Makes The Dictionary

The word kayfabe has been added to as a result of its use in pop culture. Below is an excerpt from the website: kayfabe Probably not familiar to those outside the world of pro wrestling, the term kayfabe refers to ‘the fact or convention of presenting staged performances as genuine or authentic’. The origin […]

WWE Studios To Adapt Franklin Martin’s 2013 Documentary To Feature Film

WWE Studios has announced they have acquired the rights to adapt Franklin Martin’s 2013 documentary “Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story” to a feature film. The movie follows as young man that was the first players missing a limb to play NCAA Division 1 basketball. “Kevin’s story is absolutely captivating and exemplifies true ambition, will […]

WWE Unveils New TapouT Training Gear

WWE unveiled their new TapouT training gear set to hit stores next year in a video posted on their official YouTube channel. You can watch the video embedded below: WWE’s deal with TapouT is something that’s been in the works for quite some time. They tried before to reach a deal and it didn’t work […]

The New Day Talk WWE Tag Titles, Dudleyz Returning

The New Day were featured in Michael Cole’s weekly kayfabe interview on In it, they discussed winning the WWE Tag Team Championship, the return of The Dudley Boys and “annoyed” Cole by taking over the interview. You can watch embedded in the video below: Download our FREE App! Dirt Sheet for iPhone, Android and […]