Panthers Running Back Doesn't Like Cena As Champ, More PPV Guests, Photo Of Orton Being Treated

- Add Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams to the list of celebrities at WWE Money in the Bank on Sunday night. He also commented on the decision to put the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on John Cena:

- Former WWE star and founder of the Sports Legacy Institute, Chris Nowinski, was at the pay-per-view. Mick Foley's children were also there but he was not.

- Robert Flores Tweeted the following photo of Randy Orton receiving medical attention at ringside after being busted open:

  • The Masked Superstar

    I always liked D’Angelo Williams. He is clearly a bright guy.

  • kingdook24

    Williams should worry about his own career than worrying about Cena. Cena is a 15 time World Champion.

    How many rings Williams got?

    • FrankTheTank

      Are you really comparing wwe titles which are given to wrestlers to superbowl rings which are earned with 40+ players, coaching staff, management, salary caps etc.?

      As a fan of the product he has the exact same right to complain about the www as you or I do. I dont have any superbowl rings either though, so my opinion doesnt matter. But for the record, I had zero issues with Cena winning last night. Too soon to push the other guys and Cena is the face of the company still

      • David F

        I would have liked Wyatt winning last night. You see the huge pop he had when he was climbing the ladder for the belts. I dont know how WWE can keep him heel anymore its time for face turn for Mr. Wyatt. I cant wait for fans to yell same old shit at Cena On RAW tonight

        • kingdook24

          But this generation of WWE fans are weird. Even WWE had to adapt to the “fans” by not having clear faces or heels – basically, cheer for whoever you want. You see matches hi-jacked with chants such as “CM Punk”… “YES!”… etc. Even if a superstar that the fans hate is wrestling someone who is supposed to be a heel, the heel will be cheered (Ex. Batista vs. ADR at No Way Out).

          So my question is this: are the fans cheering for Wyatt simply because his character is just THAT over… or are they cheering for Wyatt because of the majority of “hardcore” fans’ dislike for Cena?

          • David F

            I think Wyatt is that over! His character is cool and unique and his promos are awesome. The fans always want someone new as champ too. Bray Wyatt will be a solid champ once the time comes. I dont know how WWE can keep him heel for that much longer

      • kingdook24

        Just giving him a hard time. Being sarcastic. I forgot to add “j/k”. I’ll edited it.

        And I have no issues with Cena winning either. I had a feeling based on my theory that the WWE WHC has, to my knowledge, been a part of the Authority’s storyline since last year’s Summerslam – in order to keep the title involved in their storyline – Cena, Orton or Reigns had the best odds of winning.

    • Billy RedFace

      He’s a pro athlete you idiot. Plus, he’s 100% right. Enough of pushing the same damn guy that the majority of your companies fans are sick of.

      • Avalanchian

        You push someone new for 2 months for Brock Lesnar to destroy them? Ya that makes sense.