Paragon Pro Wrestling Leaves Pop TV, Even More On Situation w/Global Force Wrestling

Paragon Pro Wrestling announced on Thursday they'll be leaving Pop TV on Thursday, below is the announcement:

For Immediate Release
Paragon Pro Wrestling Expands Its Broadcast to Multiple Networks
November 19, 2015 - Las Vegas, NV

Paragon Pro Wrestling will begin airing its weekly program on 4 networks across North America. The family-friendly program began airing across the United States on Saturday, July 4th on Pop TV. Paragon Pro Wrestling hopes to reach more wrestling fans by expanding the networks and times of day that the program will air. As a result of this expansion, Paragon Pro Wrestling has ended its agreement with Pop TV. Their final broadcast on Pop will be Saturday, November 21st. While PPW is ending their agreement with Pop, officials with the company have stated they are very grateful for the time they spent on the network.

Starting on November 19th, Paragon Pro Wrestling can be seen on Tuff-TV at 12:00 midnight, Eastern, 9:00pm Pacific. Other networks include Fight Net, Yoo Too America, Dish Network and WADL TV in Detroit. Check your local listings to confirm channels and air times in your area.
Fans of pro wrestling in these areas can tune in weekly to see athletes such as Wes Brisco, Tyshaun Prince, Jessy Sorenson, Alex Chamberlain, Gangrel, Darin Corbin and more.


Paragon Pro Wrestling, Professional Wrestling's Model of Excellence, tapes television for national distribution and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stay up to date on PPW news and events by following them on Twitter, @ParagonPW and Liking them on Facebook.com/ParagonProWrestling.

Pop has been in the news today as they'll be the new US home for TNA's "Impact Wrestling." The official announcement for that deal is online at this link with insider details at this link.

As we reported here on Wrestling News World Premium on October 9, 2015, Paragon was actually paying for their timeslot. That is not believed to the case for Impact. As of October, Pop was willing to air Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling on a deal where Global Force would retain a percentage of the ad inventory that they could have attempted to sell. However, it's unknown how TNA landing a deal impacts that.

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  • Michael

    Darin Corbin? Really

    • CJ Blaze

      He’s a talent from my area, and he’s had that name longer than Baron Corbin has, if you were thinking that. 🙂

      • Michael

        Yea. That’s exactly what I was thinking

        • Kevin

          And I was thinking Darin Who? Cause I’ve never heard of this organization before. Also, Gangrel? Really? He’s still around after all these years? I mean, it’s not like he was ever a Shawn Michaels or Undertaker.

  • bill brown.

    paragon can put a spin on their new deal but the facts are they no longer have an outlet on direct tv.

  • Kevin

    Does anyone even know what Pop TV is? I’ve never heard of it before; neither have I heard of Fight Net or You Too America. Also, this is the first I’ve heard of Paragon Pro Wrestling, and I lived in Nevada for 9 years.